• Feb 9, 2019

Many animal species differ in colourful coloring with unusual patterns. Such feature is often characteristic of males that allows them to draw attention of females for pairing. An exception are not also fishes at whom in genetics the mechanisms corresponding to the preferences of females created during ecological evolution are put. Scientists managed to find out that change of perception of color at the guppy influences their pairing.

Change of Perception of Colour at the Guppy Influences Their Pairing

Influence of genes of opsin on pairing

The group of the researchers representing the Japanese Tohoku University long time worked on studying of influence of a color of the guppy on pairing. During the experiment they managed to reveal that the expressivity of genes of the opsin coding pigments, sensitive to light , is capable to generate color sight of aquarian fishes. It also influences reaction of females to a color of males.

during the research scientists could learn that:

Change of perception of color at the guppy

  • males of the guppy possess colourful coloring with unusual figured drawings;
  • females of aquarian small fishes prefer certain color patterns;
  • shades of scales of the wild and cultivated guppies differ, as well as preferences of females among these populations;
  • pairing of the guppy is influenced by change of perception of color (color Fathers of males can be attractive to females during such periods and vice versa).

is the cornerstone of color perception of fishes the genetic mechanism which is connected with color sight. Researchers should study its impacts on an organism. Now the Japanese scientists focused on genes of the opsin coding photosensitive pigmentation in an eye retina.

Colour and Genetic Factors of the Guppy

Genetic features of the guppy

Structure of Small Fishes of the Guppy

these aquarian small fishes have nine opsinovy genes , the most important of which LWS-1 which is responsible for coding of protein is considered. It helps the guppy to reveal visible light in long waves of a light range (orange-red shades). It allows scientists to say about allelic polymorphism. At the same time the expressivity of opsinovy genes can change depending on external factors, the habitat, etc.

Than expressivny appear females with different genotypes of LWS-1, subjects more sharply they react to orange-red shades in coloring of males. It affects also behavior of fishes who copulate with colourful representatives of a look more willingly.

It is caused not only by the level of an expression of opsin, but also genetic polymorphisms , surrounding fishes light Wednesday and other factors.

The main issue facing researchers was in whether genetic expressions and their changes can influence the choice of females for males with scales of an orange shade, it is preferable among the guppy. Digital technologies and a projection of colourful males were for this purpose used. Special sexual desire of a female was shown to orange spots. the Difference of photosensitivity is caused:

  • genetic;
  • plastic changes of an expression of an opsinovy genotype.

It affects sexual preferences of females of aquarian small fishes. Scientists assume that communication between visual perception and the choice of the partner for pairing appeared owing to evolution.

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