• Sep 18, 2019
Surface plants in an aquarium perform important function: process carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. But they can oxygenate not only an aquarium, but also the atmosphere indoors.
 Surface plants in a photo aquarium
If an aquarium at office, for example, rather big is also executed in open style, recreates the river or a stream (that is the aquarium low, but long — is admissible, 4 meters in length, 40 — 50 cm in height and as much in width) and has rather most surface part, ficuses, mosses and marsh plants can fully live, raise and develop there, improving air not only in an aquarium, but also in that space where the aquarium is.
 the Open aquarium of a photo
Surface plants in an aquarium exist as well as room flora, only, unlike houseplants, you should not water them. And if there is an expert who looks after an aquarium, it carries out care and of such plants at the same time.
as a result you have both a decoration of an interior, and the "made habitable" space, and the improved atmosphere. Continuous advantages.
 Surface plants in an open aquarium of a photo On a photo: surface plants in an aquarium "

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