• Sep 18, 2019
of Akvaskeyping becomes more and more popular with aquarians of the whole world in recent years. What is it, we decided to learn from the expert. What is an akvaskeyping?
In translation from the English aquascaping is creation of a water landscape, landscape, that is decorating of an aquarium, some kind of analog of landscaping.
In an akvaskeyping allocate the following directions:
1. Dutch aquarium. This direction became widely known in the sixties the last century. The key role belongs to densely set plants which in a complex form the real garden under water. Plants are zoned: are divided on height. Distinctive features of the Dutch style: contrast of red and green plants and also a path ("the Leiden street") which emphasizes prospect of an aquarium. Fishes can be absent at all or it is a little of them. The aquarium sizes are important: length has to by 2 — 3 times (and even more) to exceed height. And height is equal to width or a little more. For compliance to the principles of golden ratio in aquarium proportions.
 a photo akvaskeyping
On a photo: akvaskeyping
2. Natural aquarium. This style represents (like a bonsai) the reduced copy of a certain part of the land: grove, valley, rocks, etc. The composition is created with participation of snags and stones (i.e. natural materials) and also plants. The role of fishes is minor, they only supplement composition, without drawing on themselves the main attention. The concept of this direction belongs to the Japanese designer and the photographer Takasi Amano. He wrote a set of books thanks to which the natural aquarium became popular in 1994
 design of an aquarium an akvaskeyping
On a photo: akvaskeyping
the Natural aquarium can be created in the following styles:
  • Ivagumi (isigum), in which main element — stones.
  • to Riobok where the key part is assigned to snags.
  • the Zen garden which is created according to Zen Buddhist philosophy. A main objective is creation of the atmosphere of tranquility and a pacification.
  • Vabi-Kusa. For this style both an underwater, and surface part needs existence for imitation of a hummock or the floating island. These parts are not necessarily connected with each other, but stylistically have to continue one another.
3. Landscape akvakompozition. Creation under water of an aquarium of full-fledged landscape pictures with presence of paths, footpaths, falls, caves and gorges, etc.
 aqua design of a photo
the Equipment for an akvaskeyping same, as well as in usual aquarium husbandry, however increased requirements to existence in water of carbon dioxide and lighting for ensuring photosynthesis of plants are imposed. In addition, that plants well grew, they need to be fertilized, cut and done changes.
will be necessary for you:
  • Lighting: fluorescent lamps, decorative lamps, LED lamps, etc.
  • Filtration: internal and external filters with different material (activated carbon, sintepon, special microorganisms and other).
  • Supply of carbon dioxide: sparkling tablets, systems on the basis of chemical reactions and fermentation, cylinders with compressed gas.
  • Regulation of water temperature: coolers and heaters.
  • Tools for work with live plants (tweezers, scissors, a shovel, etc.)
  • Nutritious soil and fertilizer.
 akvaskeyping design of an aquarium
Additional elements of a decor can include a background (the film pasted on back and at times and on side glasses), stones, snags, decorative soil, plants, etc.

More information on an akvaskeyping you watch http://www.aquaproscape.com/

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