• Jan 21, 2020

"Veterinarian's notes" of James Herriot

"The veterinarian's notes" of James Herriot include several books

  • "About all creations – big and small"
  • "About all creations – fine and surprising"
  • "And all of them are creations of the nature"
  • "All live" ("Among the Yorkshire hills")
  • "Dog stories"
  • "Cat's stories".
of the Book of James Herriot can be re-read again and again. They never bother. I opened the wonderful world of inhabitants of the Yorkshire hills in the childhood. And since then I add to number of "adherents" of "The veterinarian's notes" of new and new people. Everyone has to read these stories, having soul. They will force you to laugh and long – but even the grief will be pleasant. And what is costed by the well-known English sense of humour!.
Many are convinced by
that, time of the book they are written by the veterinarian and the name of everyone contains a mention of "creations of the nature", they only about animals. But it not absolutely so. Yes, the plot, generally turns around quadrupeds, but nevertheless the most part is devoted to people.
Herriot's Characters live, and therefore memorable. The rude farmer who is not able to afford rest, but at the same time provided pension to two horses. The ubiquitous know-it-all Mrs. Donovan, a splinter in a foot of veterinarians – however only to it can leave a hopeless dog. The nurse Roza on own money containing a dogs shelter and great Granvil Bennet for whom there is nothing impossible. Example of "British character" probationer Peter Karmodi and "veterinarian with a badger" Kohl Byyukanan. "Working for cats" Mrs. Bond, the mistress of panteroobrazny Boris, and Mrs. Pamfri with Triki-Wu. And many, many others. Certainly, without saying it about Tristan and Siegfried!
there is no
Actually, the city of Darroubi on the England map. And Siegfried with Tristan did not exist too, brothers had quite usual English names: Brian and Donald. And the writer is called not James Herriot, but Alfred Whyte. During creation of books laws on advertizing were very rigid, and works could be apprehended as illegal "advance" of services. Therefore all names and names had to be changed.
But, reading "The veterinarian's notes", you catch yourself on a thought that everything, written there – the truth. And Darroubi hides among picturesque Yorkshire hills, and brothers veterinarians with names of characters of operas of Wagner still there practice …
it is difficult for
to eclipse the Charm of herriotovsky books. They are warm, kind and incredibly light.
Is a pity only that new will not be any more. And what is "are swallowed" very quickly.
 James Herriot On a photo: James Herriot

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