• Feb 12, 2019

Within distribution of the interactive antiillegal equipment broadcasting video, animal activists armed a rhinoceros with the camera which is built in a horn and also still a number of sensors — GPS indicators, the heartbeat detector. It will help inspectors of national park to control a condition of wards.

Animal Activists Built in the Camera a Rhinoceros Horn for Tracking

Such equipment assumes control of a state and behavior of the animal living in the reserve and also a situation in which it is. Initiators assume that the data on a physiological condition of a rhinoceros transferred by electronic devices to base will inform observers that their ward got into trouble or badly feels. the Equipment is capable to transfer to the following information:

  • of video, reflecting a situation around ;
  • of GPS coordinate of the place where there is a pet ;
  • physiological indicators, in particular, heartbeat frequency .

The Camera in a Rhinoceros Horn

In case of the signals saying that subject to observation got into trouble the group of employees and security guards of the reserve will go to the scene on the available coordinates.

Today such system of observation of rare representatives of fauna in National park begins to take root in the test mode. However her creators and animal activists expect that in the nearest future black rhinoceroses will be subjected to mass implantation of electronic detectors.

Installation Process of Sensors on a Rhinoceros

Experts assure that installation process of sensors is absolutely painless and it is harmless to the pet, and the charge of the accumulators feeding the equipment will last for a long time — according to the estimates of experts, for several years.

Initiators of such electronic equipment of representatives of endangered species expect that soon existence of the electronic equipment on an animal will be will fished to serve as some caution for hunters poachers . Equipment of black rhinoceroses video cameras and other electronics — one more attempt to save the look which is on the verge of extinction from final disappearance as a result of full destruction by poachers.

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