• Jan 21, 2020

Jack London "White Fang"

a Story about the tamed wolf living in America at the time of the Gold-rush. We see events eyes of White Fang who learns the world of people not always turning to the courageous and strong hero the light party. But laws of the nature are relentless: the celebration of good and justice is inevitable. The novel found deserved popularity around the world and endured a set of screen versions.

Sheila Barnford "Improbable travel"

the Main characters of the book — a bull terrier, a Labrador and a Siamese cat — without having sustained separation from owners, move off in their searches. Friends should cross all America, to meet a great number of the most different people and animals. However the mushketersky motto "One for all and all for one" allows with honor to pass through everything tests. It is the light, touching book got by belief in good.

Eric Knight of "Lesya"

Joe Kerraklaf, the son of the English miner, considers himself the lucky. Still, he is envied by all dog breeders of Yorkshire — such remarkable the collie will not be found in all England. Every day Lesya came to meet Joe to school, and once did not appear. Joe's house was expected by awful news: parents sold a dog to get out of debts. But for faithful Lesya there was only one owner. The high fence, an iron chain and huge, in several thousands of miles distance to a home did not stop faithful to a collie — ahead at it a way long and full of adventures home. Heart of the real collie fights only for one person.

Erin Hunter's

"Cats warriors"

Is a series of novels devoted to adventures of wild cats from the Storm tribe. History begins with the description of adventures of a kitten of the Saffron milk cap who escaped from Biped and got to the wild tribe. There Saffron milk cap life sharply changed: he endured a set of adventures and became the real Soldier. Main heroes of the second cycle: Hurricane and Blackberry. And the third cycle is conducted on behalf of grandsons of the Saffron milk cap: Sparrow, Holly and Lvinosvet.

James Oliver Kervud of "Tramp of the North"

the Main heroes of history — a bear cub Neev and Mika's puppy. They were held down by one chain during transportation onboard the boat. By negligence kids fell in water. And will of a case became the loyal friends helping each other with honor to leave dangerous tests. Nobody can defeat them: neither spiteful wolves, nor owls murderers, nor crows. On the way to new owners they are trapped by a set of surprises.

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