• Feb 3, 2017

Among various myths about cats there is also such: allegedly the cat does not feel pain. Still quite recently in veterinary practice cats were not given the anesthetizing medicines after surgery.

During the recent laboratory experiments the analysis of electric signals in a brain of cats who are subjected to a stress or physical pain was carried out and levels of various hormones in their blood are analysed. Changes in electric signals and increase in amount of certain hormones scientifically confirmed that cats feel pain.

Whether Cats Feel Pain?
In what business?

The matter is that the cat, as well as any other living being, tests (feels) pain. BUT, as well as any wild animal, a cat DOES NOT ENDURE pain (does not show) pain. The difference between "to feel pain" and "is obvious to show, show others pain".

A wild cat, having got to a trap, does not shout and does not suffer. If in the wild nature the animal gives the feelings: whether skulezhy whether lameness, sad and sad eyes and the slowed-down movements – it will be eaten ahead of time.

Moreover, in community of animals laws extremely rigid: you suffer – you will be bitten to death by the that did not draw attention. For example, the same chickens, pigs – kill the sick relatives.

A domestic cat, having pinched a paw, shouts (shows the pain) at all apartment. What for? That it was saved that it was helped. The shown experience of pain appears only where there is someone who on it can react, help.

If in the wild environment the animal began to limp – it means that forces it was necessary to limp at it any more. If pain is followed by sounds – that generally as a warning to associates that somewhere something badly and it is necessary to escape.

As animals joined life together with the person, their reactions to pain became brighter and clear. They learned to endure clear for people around the pain. Any kitten and a puppy knows: if desperately to cry out when try to punish – a penalty will be commuted.

To all other, the organism of a cat has one more unique protectant. As soon as the cat begins to feel pain, in neurons of her brain the endorphins having ability to reduce pain strenuously begin to be produced and to influence its emotional state.

And if the cat feels pain (as a result of a trauma, the beginning disease, etc.), then she will continue to behave as usual, will stoically endure pain and to hide all its signs from public eyes until it has forces. If between you and a cat there is no sufficient trust if the cat does not feel that you are able to help her if you are insufficiently attentive, then you learn about her disease already late enough.

Visible symptoms of pain at cats:

  • Expanded pupils.
  • The cat hides, runs away or on the contrary does not move.
  • The cat is aggressive: growls, bites.
  • Slackness, depression, lack of appetite.
  • Cough, sneezing, the complicated breath.
  • Urination in not put places.
  • Lameness.

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Source: http://brit-cats.ru/vetrazdel/chuvstvuyut-li-koshki-bol/

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