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Domination – the subject which already set, perhaps, the teeth on edge. But for some reason a huge number of owners is still sure that dogs want to enslave them and to become leaders in family. The book by Olga Kazharskaya "mine is devoted to this subject the dog dominates".

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The author reminds readers of that, that the theory of domination initially arose when scientists observed for packs of wolves in unnatural conditions of bondage. And in reality, in natural conditions wolves live families, and the relations in family are based on cooperation, and not on fight for leadership. They very much developed the system of communication, and everyone the member of pack follows the established rules, but at the same time has also sufficient freedom of action.

A dog who gets into family, at once feels the strongest dependence on owners, they feed it, walk, plan a day regimen and in general control important for a dog resources. So it is not necessary to make additional efforts that a dog felt that you are a leader for her.

But if the person begins to conduct itself it is strange, from the point of view of a dog, there are problems. What strangenesses are peculiar to people?

  1. Roughness and carelessness.
  2. Absence accurate rules of family life.
  3. Fear before an initiative of a dog ("and suddenly it will begin to operate us?").
  4. Clumsy communication (excessive emotionality or, on the contrary, coldness and ignoring).
  5. Eternal search of signs of domination.

The author emphasizes that domination is not constant property of the personality, but primary possession of resources in this or that situation. For example, if you come in guests, hosts establish rules, so, dominate. But if you without permissions you will take personal belongings of the guest, he has the right to be indignant because even in your house he still disposes of them.

Members of any group study the friend the friend is very quickly understood who, of what is capable. And becomes the leader most competent, capable it is effective to solve problems which face group. And happens that there are several leaders, experts in this or that areas. And dogs perfectly understand that the person – the expert wide profile, defining life in the house in general, but there are tasks which a dog carries out better – and the good owner allows it to carry out them. But if the owner behaves aggressively and is unpredictable, it really undermines trust and respect of a dog.

What dogs most often mistakenly consider "prepotent"?

  1. Sure in.
  2. Emotional dogs and dogs with strong desires.
  3. Dogs in awkward age.
  4. Dogs, protecting the resources.
  5. Dogs with sharp ways of communication.

However in one of these cases problems are not connected with "domination". And if to begin "to treat" them "suppression domination", it is possible to acquire still big problems and to create really dangerous situation.

The most aggressive dogs, on to opinion of the author, it is the dogs injured and living in bad conditions. And for decrease in aggression first of all it is necessary to put nervous system in order dogs.

Anyway, aggression on to the attitude towards the person it is not connected with domination.

Alas, but, on belief of the author, it is possible to call Russians by "the nation believing in dominance of dogs". Not without reason so strict collars and chains are popular. It is favorable to whom to support the theory about dominance of dogs?

  1. Usual to people. It is much simpler to them to accuse a dog that she dominates, than to look for real source of problems.
  2. Injured to people.
  3. That, in whom it was inspired. Many trainers still "struggle with dominance" and convince clients to follow their example.
  4. To dealers. Many earn from it.

At the same time dog, which "lower on a rank", experiences the real horror, her life turns into a nightmare, and the trust to the owner comes to naught. The dog shows stress signals, which besides are accepted to "domination", and cruelty of owners and illiterate cynologists accrues.

The modern science goes on the way, completely opposite offered "believing in dominance". A dog – too difficult being to write off everything for "domination". It is necessary huge knowledge base correctly to treat behavior of a dog and it is effective to solve the arising problems.

So you love a dog, not panic if there are problems, and choose the trainer who is capable truly to estimate mental and physical condition of your dog. You remember: dogs not are aggressive by the nature, otherwise we would never cultivate them. Dog very much peace being. Of course, if not to torment her.

Source: Dogfrend Pablishers www.dogfriend.org

About the author: Olga Kazharskaya is a zoopsychologist, the publicist, the publisher. Olga studied psychology/ethology of dogs in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Norway. In 2008 she created the international publishing house Dogfrend Pablishers (Verlag Dogfriend Publishers) within which she acquaints readers with the modern psychology and a training of dogs based on communication. In 2009 in addition to publishing house the education center (Dogfriend Center) for owners of dogs and trainers of Austria, Latvia and Russia is created, and in two years educational work extends the organization of the international society Der Internationale Verein Dogfriend.

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