• Mar 16, 2020

In the book written by three authors (Ekaterina Kastritskaya, Irina Goryukova and Natalya Nikitina) are discussed the most different issues connected with relationship dog and person.

kniga "The Good Dog of Bad Breed Is Not" of a photo of
the Book "The Good Dog of Bad Breed Is Not"

the book a part "As to choose a puppy" where also the fashion for breeds of dog is discussed, and how to choose breed (and not to regret at the same time), and question whether it is worth taking a mongrel (or perhaps not puppy, but adult dog), and myths about small doggies, and why people in the principle get dogs.

The following part is devoted to that, how to endure the first days of joint life with a puppy and at the same time not to go crazy (and not to dement the new member of household). It both choice of "dowry", and the first walks, and preparation of the room, and many other things.

In the third part authors discuss, what is socialization why it is necessary as to carry out it and whether it is necessary to a puppy quarantine.

Part fourth is some kind of human-dog phrasebook. Here it is discussed how dogs how to learn to understand them (and why it is necessary), what speaks to us about growl and bark and also as dogs communicate became the real experts in understanding of people.

The fifth part is devoted "bad to dogs". From it you learn that such behavior of dogs as it is formed, from where bad dogs undertake and that with them to do.

Motto of the sixth part: in normal conditions the normal dog behaves normally. But that it normal conditions for a dog? How many and as with her to walk how to feed, where to have the place whether to allow to communicate with relatives and to smell on walks? About it and many other you learn from a part "Freedoms to dogs!"

In the seventh part you learn, whether dogs try to enslave mankind why the dog will never become the leader for the person and what the real leadership differs from rigid "methods of domination" in.

In the eighth part authors in detail discuss how it is possible to bring up a dog and to derive at the same time pleasure, but not to be at war with a canine friend. Here you learn what methods of education exist what it is better to choose from them and why and also how to bring up the obedient, disciplined dog without use of violence.

You will find in the ninth part detailed information on how dogs study and also step-by-step instructions training of dogs in the main teams and set of amusing tricks.

And what to do if one dog do you have already not enough, and you thought of the second? How to acquaint the new settler and the old resident? How to choose the second dog? About it is the tenth part of the book.

In the eleventh part you learn, whether the dog will be able to get on with other animals and also it is in detail discussed, whether the dog and a cat can become friends that and why sometimes it for this purpose is necessary it is impossible.

The twelfth part is devoted to relationship of dogs and children. How to choose a dog if you have or the child is planned? How to acquaint the pet with the newborn? What governed to establish lives? What to do if the dog bit the child (and as it not to allow) or if the child is afraid of dogs? Why children are sometimes cruel to animal? You will find answers to all these questions in the book.

And the thirteenth part is devoted to sad subject: how to experience the death of the pet how to help the child to cope with loss whether it is worth taking a new dog and whether it will resemble previous? Answers to all these questions – regarding the book "All Dogs Get to Heaven".

It "dialogue for three", sometimes comic, but is more often serious, diluted with stories from life (cheerful and not very much), set of photos and amusing illustrations.

The book is on sale on platforms ridero , liters and others.

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