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Today in our heading "We Read Together" the review of the book of the world famous expert, Norwegian trainer of dogs Tyurid Rugos "Dialogue with dogs: reconciliation signals".

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The book begins with Vesla's history – "the most intolerable dog", according to the author. She "taught" Tyurid Rugos to the fact that even if the dog forgot language of the look, it it is possible for it again to teach. And this revelation laid the foundation for work Tyurid Rugos and changed style her lives.

Tyurid Rugos writes that reconciliation signals are a "insurance of life". Dogs, as well as their ancestors wolves, use these signals for conflict prevention. Also these signals help dogs to calm down, so, to reduce level a stress . At last, by means of these signals the dog speaks about the peaceful intentions and starts friendship both with relatives, and with people.

What signals are? These are about 30 movements. Here some of them:

  1. Yawning.
  2. Approach on an arch.
  3. Turn of the head aside from "interlocutor".
  4. Mitigation of a look.
  5. Turn by side or back.
  6. Licking of a nose.
  7. Obnyukhivany lands.
  8. Dying down.
  9. Decrease in speed, delay of the movement.
  10. Game bows.
  11. The dog sits down.
  12. The dog lays down.
  13. One dog divides two others, becoming between them.
  14. Wagging . However here it is necessary to consider also other signals of a body.
  15. It is less attempt to seem.
  16. Licking of a muzzle of other dog (or human faces).
  17. The blinked eyes.
  18. The raised paw.
  19. Smacking.
  20. And others.

These signals are often fleeting, so that people have to learn to notice and distinguish them. Besides, dogs with different appearance differently use similar signals. But at the same time any the dog will understand signals of reconciliation both other dog, and the person.

To learn "to read" signals reconciliations of dogs, it is necessary to watch them. Than it is more and more thoughtfully you you observe, the better you understand these surprising animals.

Also Tyurid Rugos writes about that, what is a stress what impact it has on dogs and as it is possible to help a dog to cope with a stress.

If the person learns to use reconciliation signals in communication with a dog, it will great facilitate her life. For example, when training a dog in the Sit or Lie teams is not necessary to hang over the pet. Instead it is possible to sit down on the earth or to turn to to dog sideways.

You should not use short lead and to pull a lead.

Stroke a dog slow movements.

Do not try to embrace dogs, especially unfamiliar.

Remember that direct approach and the given hand can cause discomfort in a dog. Get closer to a dog on to arch.

Finally Tyurid Rugos stops on the famous myth that the person has to "try to obtain" situation the leader over a dog. But it is the harmful myth which spoiled life to a set animals. It is necessary to treat a dog in a parental way, and it is the most natural situation. The puppy trusts you and waits from you for care. Training has to to pass gradually.

To grow up counterbalanced, good dog, the author is convinced, it is necessary to provide it tranquility and to treat it friendly and patiently.

You remember: you always have a choice between aggression (punishments) and mutual understanding with the pet. If you want, that your dog respected you, respect her.

About the author: Tyurid Rugos is the Norwegian expert-cynologist, the president of the European association of trainers of dogs, PDTE.

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