• Apr 24, 2020

of the Fantasy about animals is quite popular kind of literature, in which animals are allocated with human lines, sometimes can speak and even are authors of stories. We bring to your attention 10 books which it is deservedly possible to call masterpieces in the world of a fantasy about animals for children and adults.

Certainly, this list not full. And you can add it, leaving comments about favourite books in a genre fantasy about animals in comments.

Hugh Lofting's

"Doctor Dulittl"

A cycle about kind doctor Dulittle contains 13 books. Doctor Dulittl lives in the Southwest part of England, treats animals it is also allocated with ability to understand them and to speak their language. Than uses not only for work, but also for the best understanding of the nature and world stories. Among close friends of the nice doctor there is a parrot Polynesia, a dog Jeep, pig Gab-Gab, monkey of Chi-Chi, duck of Dab-Dab, Tyanitolkay, owl of Tu Tu and Uayti's little mouse. However, the children who grew up in the USSR know history of doctor Dulittl from tales of Aybolit – a plot, the thought-up Hugh Loftingom, was it is processed by Chukovsky.

Doctor Dulittl of a Photo

Rudyard Kipling "Book of the jungle", "Second book of the jungle"

The she-wolf adopts human Mowgli's cub, and the kid grows in pack of wolves, including them at relatives. Besides wolves, in friends at Mowgli Bagir's panther, Balu's bear and a tiger python of Kaa. However, the unusual inhabitant of the jungle has also enemies, main of which – Cher-Hang's tiger.

Book of the Jungle of a Photo

Kenneth Graham "Wind in willows"

This well-known fantastic story more century remains extremely popular. In it adventures are described four main characters: water rat of the uncle Ret, Mr. Krot, Mr. Barsuk and Mr. Toud's toad (in some translations of animals call Water Rats, mister Barsuk, Krot and Mr. Zhabb). Animals in Kenneth Graham's world not only are able to speak – they behave just as people.

Wind in Photo Willows

David Clement-Davies "Fire carrier"

In Scotland animals own magic. Evil Korol-Olen decided to subordinate all inhabitants of the extensive woods of the to will. However the young deer blessed with the gift throws down it a challenge to communicate with all beings, including with people.

Photo Fire Carrier

Kenneth Opel "Wings"

It is possible to call this trilogy the real heroic quest about bats. The clan migrates, and the main character – the little mouse Sheyd – passes a way of growing, enduring a set of adventures and overcoming dangers.

Wings Book of a Photo

George Orwell "Farmyard"

Story by George Orwell also it is known in other translations under the names "Bestial Farm", "Farm of Animals" and etc. It is satirical anti-Utopia which action happens on a farm where animals take the power in hand. And though in the beginning "equality is proclaimed and brotherhood", in practice everything is not so iridescent, and some animals become "more exactly, than others". George Orwell wrote about totalitarian societies The 40th years of the XX century, however his books are still relevant.

Farmyard of a Photo

Dick King-Smith of "Babes"

The pig of Tonkin is fated to divide sad fate of all pigs – to become the main course on a table of owners. However it undertakes work on protection of sheep herd of the farmer Hodzhet and even receives title "The Best Shepherd's Dog".


Alvin Brooks Whyte "Charlotte's Web"

Charlotte is the female spider living on to farm. The pig Wilbur becomes her loyal friend. And Charlotte in the union with the daughter of the farmer it is possible to save Wilbur from unenviable destiny to be eaten.

Charlotte's Web of a Photo

Richard Adams "Watership downs"

Books by Richard Adams deservedly call fantasy masterpieces about animals. In particular, novel "Watership downs". Characters of the book – rabbits – not just animal. They have the mythology and culture, they are able to think and say just as people. Book "Inhabitants hills" often put in one row with "Lord of the Rings".

Watership Downs of a Photo

Richard Adams "Plague dogs"

This philosophical novel is devoted to adventures of two dogs, mongrels Rafa and a fox terrier of the Zinger who managed to escape from laboratory where animals are exposed to cruel experiments. On to the book shot the animation film which caused a huge resonance: the public furiously snatched on the governments of many countries, accusing those in brutal attitude towards animals and development of biological weapon.

Critics so spoke of the novel "Plague dogs": "Clever, thin, really the humane book, having read which, the person will never be able cruelly to belong to animals …"

Plague Dogs of a Photo

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