• Dec 4, 2020

Many books about dogs sad and not always come to an end safely. But often there is a wish to read something from what with guarantee it will not become sad. In this selection – 5 books about dogs, in which everything comes to an end well.

"Stories about Franz and dog" Christine Noestlinger

This collection includes 4 stories about 8-year-old Franz's relationship with dogs.

Franz is a timid child who is afraid of many things. Dogs in that number. But once his friend Eberhard had a huge shaggy dog Berta. Which awfully fell in love with Franz and helped it to overcome fear before these animals. Yes so that Franz began to dream of own four-footed friend …

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"Business of kidnapping of dogs" Enid Blayton

Enid Blayton is the author of children's detective stories. And, as it is possible to guess, crimes in her books are untangled by children.

In the city where there live young detectives, dogs begin to disappear. And thoroughbred and very expensive. It comes down that the friend vanishes and the partner of our detectives – a spaniel Skamper! So investigation becomes not simply entertainment, and urgent need. Especially as adults obviously not cope.

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of "Zorro in snow" Paola Zannoner

Zorro is a Border Collie who saved the main character of the book, the school student Luka, got under an avalanche. Having got acquainted with activity of rescuers, the boy lights up the idea to become the same. Also begins to train. And it is helped with it by a puppy Papp whom Luka takes away from a shelter. However, parents are not too happy with the decision the son to become the rescuer, and the teenager should make efforts to prove, that he made a right choice.

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"Where you run?" Asya Kravchenko

A Labrador the Siskin happily lived in the country, but returned to the city in the fall together with the family. And … escaped! Wanted to the dacha again, but got lost and got in unfamiliar place. Where, fortunately, met a homeless dog of the Lamplighter. Which helps the Siskin and becomes for him another …

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"When friendship took me home" Paul Griffin

Twelve-year-old Ben is desperately not lucky in life. He has no mother, at school he is offended, and the girlfriend is ill. However not everything is as bad as can seem. Around Ben there are a lot of careful adults, and still – a doggie Flip. Ben picked up Flip on the street, and the doggie turned out such capable that soon began to work dog therapist. Ben and Flip begin to help children to whom difficult it is given reading …

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