• Jan 21, 2020

"True stories about miracles and hope"

the Collection of real stories, cheerful and touching, about the well-known London shelter of Battersi. It is the whole city where veterinarians, zoopsychologists and just not indifferent people work. Battersi lulls nobody, there is a place for all animals who for some reason were not lucky yet. Employees of a shelter never give up and are sure that each cat and a dog will surely find the house. Excellent reading matter for Christmas evening.

John McCormack "Friend of herds. Notes of the rural veterinarian"

Memoirs of the veterinarian who located in Alabama. The author is named "the American Herriot", and not for nothing: the book is written vividly and witty, abounds with amusing cases, each of which is a lesson of condescension, tolerance and love to animals.

John Grogen "Gauze and we"

the Strange real story about love and about life with "the most awful dog in the world".

Labrador Marley appeared at Grogenov at not the most right moment: newlyweds did not manage "to get used" still to each other. And the dog, not the most convenient and simple, but true and cheerful, helped them to become the real family. Marley presented Grogenam an invaluable gift: taught to love disinterestedly and showed what is actually important. Touching and ridiculous books for certain will not leave you indifferent.

John Katz "Year of a dog: twelve months, four dogs and I"

John Katz, the American writer and the journalist, conducted measured life until Devon — a negative dog rushed into it, vulnerable and independent. And in several hours the dog managed to turn life of the new owner into chaos. John and Devon endured many difficult moments, however eventually came to respect, mutual understanding and love. The kind book about four pets: two Labradors and two Border Collies — surely it will be pleasant to all whom education and psychology of dogs interests.

James Bowen "Street cat by the name of Bob"

In this book two main characters: street musician James Bowen and red homeless cat Bob. They were unfortunate, did not meet each other yet. James with despair conceived a liking for drugs and lost meaning of life, but Bob helped to cope with difficulties and turned into the real guardian angel.

Is a strange story how the person and a cat found hope on streets of London.

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