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Psychosomatics – more and more popular direction in medicine which as the reasons of various diseases calls the wrong installations on life and other psychological factors.

As showed researches for the last 30 years, the prevalence of allergic diseases everywhere doubles each 10 years, despite constantly increasing amount of more and more effective drugs.

And today we will consider an allergy to cats from the psychosomatic point of view – to cope with an allergy you do not need drugs any more!

Psychosomatics of an Allergy to Cats

Allergy as psychological program

In a trance, under hypnosis, any person can be convinced that the icicle which touches his skin is the heated rod, – and on skin there will be a natural burn which will leave a scar for many years. And if under the same hypnosis to tell the person that it was only the harmless icicle, then the scar existing on skin within several years literally for few days disappears completely.

And if our mind is capable to alter so physiological reactions to irritants, relying on ideas and beliefs of the nature of these irritants (under hypnosis or not, does not matter), then why not to assume that at the heart of the majority of diseases or the third states wrong (harmful) representations of our clever mind lie?!

In this case the disease is the wrong, malicious, false, wrong, indistinct or contradictory application which leads to damages and breakages. And the allergy or a phobia, for example, are the typical programs of reaction to an irritant created by single experience or in general is abstract.

Everything depends on how you think. And if you ate orange, and to you it was bad, then it is possible to think different things. It will be possible to think that it is bad orange, to go and swear with the seller who sold you it. And it is possible to think that you have an allergy to oranges. And then you will always have an allergy to oranges, without problems.

There are people who think that they will be able to pass on the heated coals and will not burn. And they go and do not burn. And there are people who think that they or an allergy, and at them have an allergy.

Surprising examples

Classical experience of the academician Ado when in "sharp" experience by an animal entered a lethal dose of allergen is known – and the sad outcome came within several minutes. But when the same was done under anesthetic – experimental animals peacefully slept and woke up indifferently, without the slightest consequences.

The person is given flowers on which at him the allergy … and at him begins an attack of bronchial asthma. Focus only that ISKUSTVENNYE'S FLOWERS.

Show to the person the PHOTO of a cat, and he begins allergic reaction …

All this means that reaction arises not on allergen, and on the SYMBOL. The symbol causes fear and as a result protective reaction.

The psychotherapist Mark Sandomirsky considers that these problems begin from close connection of immune and nervous systems. If patients with an allergy with nerves had everything as it should be – that is there would be less painful experiences, the conflicts, negative emotions – that and symptoms of a disease much less them would disturb (see in more detail M. Sandomirsky "The H-allergy, emotions, psychosomatics – д").

Respectively, one may say, uncompromising fight against negative emotions has to become the first step to disposal of an allergy patient and. First, it is the general relaxation – daily, day after day. Secondly, a "aim" relaxation, directly at the moments of emergence of rough negative emotions or the beginning disease attacks.

An allergy on … emotions!

The reasons influencing emergence and aggravation of allergic reactions:

The long alarm as at this time the organism constantly is in a condition of mobilization, full readiness can provoke a disease (to troubles, stresses, diseases, etc.), it exhausts it and consequently nervous and immune systems.

Dissatisfaction with and the life, i.e. the person should do something through "I do not want", or he cannot for a number of reasons dare to do that he wants. In this case the disease can be additional confirmation of bad quality of life, or a factor which at the same time prevents to do something and justifies this inaction (at allergic reactions of people it is limited that it can and cannot do, where and when can go that maybe cannot eat, etc.).

If allergic reactions have the pristupoobrazny form, then the person can have a fear of repeated attacks, and the fear of the fact that something has to occur surely can "program" an organism on such outcome.

The allergy is connected with discrepancy. The person cannot choose that he feels. For example, on the one hand he is glad that this relative paid to it a visit, and on the other hand, he wants that this relative left quicker. Quite often the allergy is connected with favourite objects: the person adores tangerines on which at him the allergy, or madly loves cats, from one look he of whom becomes covered by terrible rash.

Often the reason of allergies at small children is connected with hyper guardianship of mummy or frequent quarrels and scandals of parents, especially when they have cardinally different ideas of life and situation. The child cannot show discontent, the emotional relation is opened, but shows it in allergy attacks. Still happens so that the disease of the child is that only thing that can rally parents.

The allergy is a hostility, rage hatred, fear, disgust and fastidiousness to people or to the situation which are subconscious programs for emergence of allergic reaction to what so is opposite to you.

Benefit of an allergy

The allergy has the benefit too. It can define what to the person is with whom to be on friendly terms and where to go during the week-end. It can help him to avoid certain situations. Perhaps, use it to operate other people or to draw attention to themselves (the allergy – a good way to draw attention to themselves, especially if it is shown in the complicated breath when the allergic person cannot do without the help of other people).

Happens that the allergy to cigarette smoke appears in the reliable way to force somebody to leave off smoking, without resorting to excessive persistence. The person suffering from an allergy will organize the life, being guided by the schedule of treatment. When the allergy is cured, it should bring a new order in the life, to make decisions, to change a diet and to pay attention to such things which remained unnoticed earlier. Until these issues are not resolved, the allergy, most likely, will continue the actions.

Allergic person's portrait

Often allergic persons are people who very difficult and long adapt to new conditions, people, orders. They are strongly concentrated on what impression they make on others. It is important for them. Besides, allergic persons perceive themselves as object of the real or potential aggression. They are sensitive.

Statements which are often found at allergic persons:

"Irritates me that from them wool pours eternally". This "irritation" is shown by skin diseases: neurodermatitises, etc.

"On spirit I do not take out cats". Here most often the respiratory system suffers: allergic cold, bronchitis, asthma.

"I hate cats". Points to problems with eyes: allergic conjunctivitis, etc.

"She directly in front of my eyes jumped on a kitchen table!!!". Too eye problems.

"They rush to and fro, overturn pots with flowers, etc. – intrude upon my peace of mind". Problems with emotions, inability to express the emotions, otstutstvy tolerances are probable.

"On the person of a problem with inability it is correct to bring up cats". Most likely, problems will arise on a face: rash, pimples, etc.

See to yourself: what phrases, what expressions you use concerning cats, and it is possible and not only. Especially pay attention to set phrases: read them direct, but not figurative sense.

Typical "allergic" set of emotional states:

Excessive uneasiness, catastrophic thinking;

Insufficient and wrong adoption of the past experience, dual relation to the past;

Constant tension, lack of a condition of a relaxation;

Suppressed anger;

Suppressed aggression.

What to do?

For a long time it is noted that there is an interdependence between allergic reactions and diseases on the one hand and features of the personality and also psychological frustration with another (for example, changes of the personality were found in 82% of children with heavy and medium-weight allergic bronchial asthma). So the neuropathologist and the psychotherapist will have no superfluous consultation.

The general improvement of quality of life will be the second stage. Here the relaxation, positive emotions, disposal of stresses, a healthy sleep, walks in the fresh air, occupation favourite business, love to themselves and acceptance of, etc. belong

And, of course, not to do without straight talk with itself. In what situations does the allergy occur? What precedes it? What your emotional state before, in time and after an allergy? When and how there was the first attack of an allergy? Why also of what you are afraid? What do you hate, cannot accept – life situations, specific people, any qualities of people, animal? What prevents you to accept it? What emotions cannot you express? Why?

And if to aim to express these emotions, then kind of you expressed them? What prevents to express you them in such a way? What benefit to you is brought by an allergy? Whom do you manipulate, using your allergy? If you have no allergy what should be changed in the life? Would you like these changes? Would you like to get rid of an allergy or you, in general, your life arranges now, you adapted to an allergy? Etc.

Pay attention to feelings and emotions which you experience. Get to yourself a notebook and 3 times a day write the answer to a question "What emotions I tested in the last 3 hours?". Write down the feelings and nearby an event concerning which you had these feelings, emotions. For example, rage and irritation – the driver behind nearly drove in my bumper. Pay attention how often you are alarmed, aggression, fear concerning what you have mixed feelings (for example, joy and disappointment at the same time).

This exercise will help you to learn more about the nature of your emotions. You remember: emotions in itself cannot be bad or good. It is only our physiological reaction to events around as a result of which we make any decision.

And in conclusion …

The allergy is the exaggerated reaction of protection of a body against some substance which is recognized as harmful as for the allergic person it symbolizes that area which he rejects, forces out in subconsciousness or against which fights. Protection against the enemy whom the allergic person himself also made the enemy always means aggression. It is extramental fight against area which the allergic person is afraid.

All types of an allergy to animals indicate problems in the field of love, sexuality and an instinct of reproduction. The allergy to dog hair indicates suppression of an aggressive component of sexuality. Cats symbolize female sexuality, softness and caress. The allergy to cats indicates problems in this area.

At cats extremely independent character. They do that want, and always lead own life. The people suffering from allergic reaction to cat's wool often do not afford what they want. They resist the desires, or including their selfish or immoral, or without wishing to assume responsibility for own feeble efforts and requirements.

Whether you trust in psychosomatics? How do you consider whether it is possible to get rid of an allergy to cats without drugs, so to speak, strength of mind and love to itself?

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