• Dec 17, 2019

of the Star affect not only the fate of people, but also on dumb animals. In anticipation of New year let's learn that astrologers to our cats for 2020 predict.

Cat's horoscope: what waits for your pet in 2020


Kotov Arieses expects many new impressions. Force majeurs will interrupt not only an after-dinner sleep of graceful creation, but also will bring a lot of trouble for all year. March troubles will be replaced by tranquility, and everything is formed. Our Aries will only manage to turn aside from surprises, but visit of doctor Aybolit is not required. Good luck will be on its party.


Kotam-Teltsam it is necessary to teach much the owners. How many it is possible to explain to these biped that it is impossible to do of a tray a cult at all? Why they so ridiculously sigh-gasp, rush backwards-forward and upraise hands to the sky as soon as they notice an accurate small group in the middle of the living room? It is impossible to react so! Where humility? Where philosophical relation to life?

If such reaction to contemptible little things in life, then how they will endure conceptual loss of the soccer team? Will not worry in any way? And who will feed a cat then with vkusnyashka and to indulge very much? Pushkin? Approximately so reflects willful kot-Telets, and it is senseless to argue with him, reconcile.


Kotov Twin waits for the year full of new flavoring feelings and opening. He is firmly convinced that — properly to eat the main thing in this life. Rub, no, better five times a day. Not that it was a gourmet. Rather — the glutton. You were fond of cookery? Remarkably! Bear your dishes, our hero will eat everything. Be not greedy. Nothing that it already hardly goes. These are muscles. Do you consider that he needs to lose weight? Look at yourself.


Kotov Cancers waits for quiet year. At last there will come the period of clemency and a pacification. Literally Paradise. All alarms behind, it is possible to relax, be extended on a new stove bench so that only the tail tip carelessly hanged down. Happy and vigorous purr will be replaced by a peace posapyvaniye in a dream. In the house it will be possible to look after a situation periodically, having opened one eye. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It is not necessary to envy.


Kotov Lviv waits for long-awaited success. The dreamer and the visionary at last will catch the good luck for a tail. Practically all his most intimate dreams will come true, including a pink dream with approach of heat to catch a butterfly on a balcony. And to arrive royally, as well as it befits a cat Lion. Having bypassed with production in teeth all apartment, having shown it to all members of household this way and that, he will hide it in the secluded town behind a case.

With feeling of the fulfilled duty and the end of a mission our king of beasts will imposingly be stretched on a sofa. All family will grab smartphones, taking the picture behind the photo to fill up a portfolio of handsome. It will be unforgettable!

of the Maiden

Kotov Maidens wait for unexpected opening. Immoderately curious, bright and active where the rough nose will only not put! With variable success, the truth. But every time to it will be possible to come off clear, pretending that this flowerpot fell down. Do not you trust? Stop immediately! Quite so all also was! The brownie can confirm, he is witness. Yes, Brownie? Here you see, and you doubted.


Kotov Scales wait for household chores. Efforts in connection with repair and other adventures will absolutely exhaust our cat. Oh these people … Unless it is not clear that things have to be scattered on all room, and new wall-paper needs to be torn a little bit. For exclusivity. It is chic! And as gracefully he climbs up new curtains up! Cirque du Soleil dreams of such actor, and you were inexpressibly lucky. You appreciate.


Cats Scorpions are waited by serious fight for leadership. Slightly torn ear — the price for the fact that even the old street cat who is severe all yard will look at your bandit yours faithfully is small. Contemptible dogs will avoid it, and pigeons instantly to scatter — out of harm's way.

As soon as you will see the press of own importance on his happy physiognomy, be sure — life was successful! And it is only his first life, and all their nine.


Kotov Sagittariuses waits for many temptations. New hobby of the hostess for a fish diet will bring upon him a lot of trouble as being distracted from preparation of a dish by chatter by phone, it will provoke in anything a guilty cat to pull down a small fish from a table. And will shout then that he is a thief!

Also try to explain to her what did not steal, and got! Yes, from the refrigerator got too! A difference only that from a table to pull down — it is banal, and here from the refrigerator is the whole art. Tactics, strategy, thin calculation and special effects.


Cats Capricorns in New year are definitely not threatened by loneliness. The cheerful and noisy companies will give it pleasure, and games with unruly children will amuse. He will have no objection to be driven behind a classical bow on a string and for innovative laser "hare". As the real host will meet and see off guests and to look after order when the children, having got naughty, suit a cheerful heap to Mull.


Kotam-Vodoleyam serious dismantling is coming. All the time, free from a sweet dream and unreasonable absorption of food, Aquarius will devote to targeting of a severe order. In his understanding, of course. The tyranny and petty tyranny peculiar to it by the right of the birth are intended to accustom you that so far he sleeps, having eaten too much chicken paste, you can relax and feel at home a little.

of Fish

Cats Fishes should take care of the Person. The cat will happen to nurse the favourite hostess literally during love tomleniye and to be put to her breast like a plantain to a wound. The benefit everything will end remarkably, despite various adventures, temporary misunderstanding and the situation comedy.

Who asked: "They will get married?" Strange question … Of course, will get married! The cat liked this lovely young man at once, and the unambiguous decision to take it in the house was made.

Despite some troubles, surprises and efforts, the forthcoming year it is quite safe for all zodiac signs. In it there is a place of love, to great changes and cheerful adventures with an obligatory happy end!

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