• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Vodoley (on January 21 – on February 19)

the Character koshki-Vodoleya is so difficult that often it cannot live in the world even with itself!
On a photo: koshka-Vodoley
of Koshka-Vodoley wants to seem both serious, and tender at the same time, and at the same time sometimes is very indecisive: asks to eat, and then in thoughts sits before a full bowl, without touching food.

the Cat born under the sign of Aquarius adores attention. Besides she seeks to make discoveries, but because of absent-mindedness often steps on the same rake. In addition, koshka-Vodoley it seeks to be hammered into such distant corner that owners often are rushed off the feet, searching for the favourite on the apartment.

of Koshka-Vodoley often overacts: when there is nobody, can quite show judiciousness, but as soon as the audience appears, with might and main shows eccentricity.

of Koshka-Vodoley often copies manners and behavior of owners so if you want to learn about yourself more, look narrowly at a murlyka.

of Owners these cats idolize and go all out to deserve them arrangement. And here guests, other animals and children not too favor.

of Koshke-Vodoleyu is necessary the owner with strong nerves, capable with humour to treat tricks of the fluffy friend.

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