• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Rak (on June 22 – on July 22)

Koshka-Rak – the true prima donna demanding vigilant care and boundless love, admiration and recognition. At the same time the cats who were born under the sign of Cancer are sensitive and whimsical.

 Koshka-Rak of a photo

On a photo: koshka-Rak

Koshka-Rak – the real actress. She can represent tranquility and composure, deadly fatigue or insult – depending on what from you is necessary for it at present.

Koshka-Rak is afraid of a thunderstorm, but at the same time will give odds to any meteorologist in weather forecasting so the bad weather feels in advance.

Koshka-Rak has peculiar tastes so be not surprised if the favourite forage remained untouched – perhaps, not the new bowl just pleased it.

Koshka-Rak will find the most cushy job in the house and adores an order.

If you deserve love of this cat, then it to you will be infinitely attached and fanatically betrayed.

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