• Jan 21, 2020

the Cat Fish (on February 19 – on March 20)

of Fish among zodiac signs reckon "meek and mild" — but only not in a case with cats!

 the Cat - Fishes of a photo On a photo: Cat Fish

the Cat Fish is very capricious, and education not in forces to affect her character. She lives, being guided by own rhythm and laws, and likes to sleep in the afternoon, and to act – at night. However, Cats Fishes, as a rule, mild and aggressions do not show. And if you offend them, will hide.

the Cat who was born under the sign of Fishes will perfectly fit into big family. It is betrayed to owners and tries to be useful, but only in case you are able to convince to a murlyk that you selflessly love it. Therefore the four-footed family member needs to be indulged – and the cat will pay back you with interest.

the Cat Fish very well understands in what mood the owner, and can calm and amuse. Besides, these small animals are the real telepathists and if seems to you that the pet reads your mind, know – indeed.

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