• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Vesy (on September 24 — on October 23)

of Koshka-Vesy – an inherent star. Certainly, she will demand the corresponding environment and the highest standard of living. And thanks to congenital charm, most likely, will achieve the desirable.
On a photo: koshka-Vesy
Cat's Scales always in good mood, them it is necessary to love. But, as the true representative of the fluctuating Zodiac sign, she hardly makes decisions.

of Koshka-Vesy aspires that the world and rest reigned in the house. She goes all out to deserve arrangement of owners: willingly comes to call and gently purrs. These cats very much like to watch your actions. That they think of their expediency – other question.

of Koshki-Vesy is liked to be eaten, but at the same time not choosy.

, given rise under the sign of Scales, are very playful. And if the owner does not provide a cat with normal toys, she will adapt for games everything that will get under paws, including dangerous objects, for example, of a needle. Or will rummage in your cosmetics bag.

of Koshka-Vesy is, as a rule, peaceful, but is subject to differences of mood. Here she cheerfully plays, and already longs.

of the Cat, given rise under the sign of Scales, suit families in which there are children. These fluffies treat little people very friendly.

of Koshka-Vesy adores sleeping in a master's bed. And your opinion in this question does not matter.

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