• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Oven (on March 21 – on April 20)

Distinctive features koshki-Ovna – enterprise, sophisticated mind and thirst of attention. They cannot live without people recognized their importance. koshek-Ovnov not to shake self-confidence, and they do not recede from conceived. At the same time koshka-Oven perfectly studies and can shine on the stage.
often brings Character koshek-Ovnov to a trouble: in a pursuit of the desirable these cats do not feel sorry for either home decoration, or themselves. And for this reason are often injured. So the owner's task – to provide to the pet the safest environment.

the Cat who was born under the sign of the Aries is constantly hungry. But at the same time the quality of food is much more important than quantity.

the Aries suffers
of Other cats hardly and if it is forced to share a shelter with tribespeople, often tyrannizes them. And if such cat walks in itself, then is constantly covered with scars and is eternally hungry. Moreover, koshka-Oven is not afraid also of other animals, for example, of dogs, and furiously protects the territory. However, these surprising creations can … sometimes fall in love with a dog and live with her in perfect harmony. Here such they are unpredictable.

, in the house where lives koshka-Oven, there is only one owner! With moustaches and a tail.

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