• Jan 21, 2020

the Cat Capricorn (on December 22 – on January 20)

Distinctive features of cats Capricorns – reserve, slyness and improbable cunning. They trust only the eyes, but having made some decision, achieve the objective to the last. At the same time cat's Capricorns are quite clever so they expect possible danger and are seldom injured.
On a photo: cat Capricorn

of the Cat Capricorns very hard transfer loneliness. The absence of the company can drive them in melancholy. However, you should not disturb if the cat's Capricorn decides to retire and be engaged in self-scrutiny.

For whatever undertook a cat Capricorn, it does it very seriously and ambitiously. At the same time she adores when owners recognize her merits and sincerely praise.

of the Cat Capricorns are not choosy in food. But as they are not too active, overfeed them can be dangerous because of tendency of these мурлык to obesity.

of the Cat Capricorns are quite conservative therefore it is necessary to prepare for any changes of the pet in advance.

of the Cat Capricorns are reserved in manifestation of feelings, do not show their the first, and you will not wait for ardency, it is the coldest zodiac sign. However if this cat falls in love with someone, then will become the pleasant and reliable friend.

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