• Jan 21, 2020

Cat – A lion (on July 23 – on August 23)

The cat who was born under the sign of Lev, will always remember it. So her self-confidence and contempt for people around should not surprise you. At the same time, cats Lions are full of nobility and will never importunately require your attention. They and without it will become the center of attention!

 the Cat Lion of a photo

the Cat Lion – the born hunter, however the fly who is flying by by does not cost her attention. The victim has to be much larger, and hunting for it is conducted coolly, deliberately and patiently.

The cat Lion is clean – and how differently she will be able to keep a regal look? She adores admiring the reflection in a mirror and willingly poses for photographers. But in hunting passion the Cat Lion does not shun either dirt, or fights.

The cat Lion does not complain of appetite and if it is necessary to wait for food too long, she by all means will state everything that thinks of you.

The cat Lion needs recognition and love, and in reply will become your friend. The indifferent and haughty relation of you will wound such pet. The cat Lion cannot force to be been jealous – she will not share your attention with other animals!

 Cat Lion of a photo

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