• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Deva (on August 24 – on September 23)

As well as all Maidens, the cat born under this zodiac sign it is exact, pedantic and is always ready to criticize you.

is guided Koshka-Dev's

by logic, but not instincts. She perfectly knows where you store the most tasty delicacies, and does not shun to take them without demand. And if these cats plunder a holiday table, then take not that love, and what most of all is pleasant to owners.

At the same time koshka-Deva does not test the slightest remorse and your anger will just ignore. But if she notices signs of disrespect of you, then very much will take offense!

Koshka-Deva it is careful and will get on a tree only if it is sure that will be able to go down safely.

Koshka-Deva very much loves an order and purity. And if you forgot jewelry or hairpins on a table, by all means will bring order – so you should look for then knickknacks on all house. And the tray of this cat always has to be clean, otherwise she will refuse to use it.

Koshka-Deva always watches you and estimates each your action. And if you deserved her arrangement, she will become lovely and house, will fascinate you by unique charm and to give joy.

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