• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Strelets (on November 23 – on December 21)

On a photo: koshka-Strelets

This some natural disaster, but not a cat! It it is constant in search of adventures and cannot live without freedom in spite of the fact that sometimes falls into an awkward situation. But koshki-Streltsy — optimists, analyze the mistakes and learn from them lessons. They need a scope, life locked up seems to these cats intolerable therefore she thinks out all new games — and your dwelling suffers everything new damage.

One more feature koshki-Streltsa — it is always fatally hungry. And, in spite of the fact that can constantly eat, does not get fat — she has no time! However, to food these cats are not choosy. Unlike the vacation spot — it has to be lonely, but at the same time readily available for the cat.

of Koshki-Streltsy easily adapt to new conditions and well postpone trips, even distant. A trip — such opportunity to make new discoveries and to meet adventures!

of Koshka-Strelets adores playing therefore willingly joins in games with children and perfectly gets on with other pets.

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