• Jan 21, 2020

Cat Scorpion (24.10 — 22.11)

 Cat Scorpion
On a photo: cat Scorpion

of the Cat Scorpions have difficult character. They are quite capricious, do not hesitate to require individual attention and adore investigating everything around, at the same time your opinion is not considered at all.

of One more devil of cats Scorpions is ingenuity therefore they with ease find for objects new application. For example, turn curtains into a swing.

to Cats Scorpions not to occupy persistence: if they wanted that you divided with them the meal, they will find a way to achieve it. You will only be glad to share sandwich!

the Cat Scorpion hardly transfers loneliness – then nobody admires it! The TV can compensate your absence in certain cases — these cats like to watch it. One more option — to lodge in the mansion which the cat will study long and carefully.

the Cat Scorpion is not choosy in food. She is ready to eat always and everything even if then it will be bad.

From the cat who was born under the sign of the Scorpion just blows as exclusiveness and spirit of a victory. She tries to obtain everything that she will want. She possesses the whole world, including you!

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