• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Telets (on April 21 — on May 20)

 Koshka-Telets of a photo
of Koshka-Telets is unique — in every sense. She is not too playful, but at the same time is not whimsical, will not flatter the owner, but also on bribery will not give in. At the same time koshki-Teltsy even stick to the most "dumping" origin as the real aristocrats — with inimitable advantage. But if you angered this cat — take care! In anger koshka-Telets it is terrible and smashes everything around.

As a rule, koshka-Telets does not create problems, however only until attempt upon its property: lodge, bowl or toys. The stranger is not necessary for it, but also the will give nobody.

of Changes koshka-Telets does not love so try to provide it whenever possible invariable tenor of life. And here these cats appreciate punctuality — feed them at the same time.

of Koshka-Telets — a being devoted, it it is possible to call the one-woman man. To the person it becomes attached once and for all.

is the Is best of all koshka-Telets feels in little, but harmonious family where nobody imposes on it the overestimated requirements. You are respectful to the pet, and the cat by all means will reciprocate to you.

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