• Jan 21, 2020

Koshka-Bliznetsy (on May 21 – on June 21)

Koshka-Bliznetsy combines curiosity and playfulness with isolation and inaccessibility. Her mood changes every minute, and at the same time koshka-Bliznetsy – the embodiment of cat's nature.

 Koshka-Bliznetsy of a photo

On a photo: koshka-Bliznetsy

The cats who were born under the sign of Twins something constantly seeks to learn new and does not stop nashkodnichat. And if you something offend it, will arrange the real obstruction. But if desired it is capable and to umilostivit the owner gentle purring.

Koshka-Bliznetsy has faultless taste and thirst for a variety so the forage has to be the finest and change constantly.

Does not like to sleep koshka-Bliznetsy, life in her understanding is worth it to be awake constantly. She has a rest by fits.

Koshka-Bliznetsy adores being the focus of attention and therefore will perfectly fit into big family. And even the stranger can become an object of love of this small animal.

However, koshka-Bliznetsy differs in frivolity and can neglect with ease courtesies from still yesterday hotly darling.

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