• Dec 15, 2019

Often people can be compared to representatives of the cat family – it is shown not only in traits of character, but also in behavior, and habits. However there are people born under certain zodiac signs which are most similar to cats.


5 zodiac signs which are most of all similar to cats

Serval is the beautiful and fast representative of the cat family. On character it can be compared to the Aries. In both of them the rage, commitment and periodic flashes of rage are well combined. They are always ready to stand for themselves and relatives, protecting the territory.

This African cat, as well as the people born under the constellation of the Aries has strong character. Especially they are distinguished by obstinacy therefore it is better for them not to try to put barriers or to establish the conditions. The bright color of "mini-cheetah" is comparable with the outstanding personality of the Aries. Also both representatives have hot temperament that gives them a lot of strength and physical endurance.


5 zodiac signs which are most of all similar to cats
Fluffy cats with an ulterior motive remind the people born under the sign of Twins. In appearance they very nice, charismatic also draw a lot of attention. However have two parties of the personality. Strong, independent personalities who do not suffer submission are behind "fluffy" appearance.

As the Twin is one of the most communicative zodiac signs, he, as well as these cats, is capable to understand without effort other people and to benefit from this. Both representatives need constant caress, care and attention, otherwise they become difficult to be tamed.


5 zodiac signs which are most of all similar to cats
Persian cat – the large representative of the cat family with dense and volume fur. They, as well as Cancers among people, are extremely inquisitive, have lively wit and quickly think. In addition, they are united by sensitivity and devotion. Persian cats, as well as the people born under the constellation of Cancer have strong affection for family and do not forgive treacheries. Therefore it is better for them not to cross the road, otherwise revenge will be unpleasant and unexpected.


5 zodiac signs which are most of all similar to cats
From all representatives of a sort cat's, Lev is most of all similar to British. Impressive, well-fed and proud, he got used to look down on all. Besides, they are united by sociability, friendliness and emotionality. British cats, as well as people Lions, know the own worth and like to be in the center of attention. Never happens to them boringly, these are the main ringleaders in any company.

The British are independent of the owners and quietly transfer their long absence. They, as well as representatives of the sign Lviv, quickly adapt to new situations and quickly get used to people. Not really the family, as well as presence of the unique owner like to become attached, however, play rather important role. Especially strongly love children therefore pay to them much attention.


5 zodiac signs which are most of all similar to cats
The Abyssinian cat is considered to be one of the most graceful and unusual versions cat's. It, as well as the people born under the constellation of the Scorpion have strong and independent character. Also they with ease understand and adapt to any person, gaining of him the confidence. Both representatives are manipulators which are capable to try to obtain everything that will be wanted.

Both the Scorpion, and an Abyssinian cat are very attentive and curious therefore everything that occurs around is always interesting to them. In addition, they are united by the high level of activity thanks to which people around with them will not miss. The family and close people take the important place therefore they are always ready to give attention and care in their life.

Similarity of people with breeds of cat's – very interesting observation. Despite an absolute difference between the person and a cat, some features of character and behavior are very strongly similar. So, knowing temperament and traits of character of an animal, it is possible to choose the ideal pet for itself or acquaintances.

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