• Jan 17, 2013


Constant sign of elements of
water Sign of Mister, or Rival
Energichny, independent, resolute
Ruling planet: Mars
Harmonious relations: Cancer, Fishes, Scorpion

Description of the personality.
If to speak about magical properties of cats, then it first of all concerns Scorpions. What to character, in the house they believe themselves main. Always hunt. For birds, mice, at the worst – for flies and cockroaches.

Cats – Scorpions differ in unpredictability and ingenuity, and their tricks demonstrate a peculiar sense of humour. Scorpions, even locked within four walls, remain extremely mobile and active. They are very well adapted for wild life, these are strong and skillful fighters with remarkable intelligence.

Characteristic of temperament.
It is difficult to believe, but under a motley fluffy fur coat of the tiny kitten who was born under the sign of the Scorpion the power of several bulldozers moreover the sting seeming too big for a being of so modest sizes can disappear.
The cat Scorpion adores influencing events and people, him people around; idle swaying on the house and banal cat's entertainments – not for it. Such cat acts with a distant sight: she will begin with what will estimate potential opportunities of those with whom she should communicate, and will decide how in the best way it can be used in practice for achievement of desirable result.

And if she conceived something, then eventually by all means will achieve the. If your cat considers that, having made up to you, she will be able to receive big subsequently, than now, freedom of action, then do not doubt: quite so it will also arrive. You will never be up to the end sure of what is planned by your cat or what she from you tries to obtain as among all cats representatives of this sign have a reputation the most reserved and careful.

Once the volume is surprised that in ancient times of a cat Scorpions appeared generation of the evil and indulged in a damnation because they usually make on those who see them for the first time, the terrifying impression. However somewhere in depth under this devil mask you will find absolutely other cat though slightly and reminding the’ the far predecessor.

Way of life.
One of her hobbies – to entrain you on a garden path that is not quite convenient, especially if you have no garden. It with big pleasure will take you for a ride, intentionally hiding from you the original intentions so you should be in the dark of rather original cat's plans.

The scorpion fairly is considered the master in complication of traces. It is strange that fans of hunting still did not pay attention to it. In the morning this cat slowly will leave the house and, having put on a defiant look, will go through a lawn. "Aha! – you will think. – It seems that our cat went on a visit to Smith". Also you will not be right. Having hardly passed out of sight, the cat will return back and will turn left, towards the garden Braunov.

Houses such cat behaves provocatively. She can tear to pieces several smoked herrings, at the same time she does not care at all for what works you will be cost by cleaning. The only thing that can be advised in that case, is to establish the ban on appearance of fish in your house. Then the cat willy-nilly should switch to less destructive ways to annoy you. It can be expressed in a zapikhivaniye of pillows under a bed or in vocal exercises at which full illusion of the fact that miaow is heard because of a bathroom door while actually your favourite makes attack on the storeroom with products is created.

The closed nature and a habit to hide the true intentions do not allow the owner to get into soul of such cat. She can so get used to fool you that when really something is required to it, she will not be able to pass to a being of a question. If she froze and wants that you turned on the heater, then will begin from far away, with hints, any of which has no relation to a key part of the problem. Instead of sitting down at the oven and to shiver from cold – a hint quite eloquent and it can do to the majority of cats, – the Scorpion, on the contrary, will take seat at the refrigerator and will begin to lick a pad.

The saucer with milk which you will put before it will remain untouched, and the cat will continue meanwhile the attempts to have a talk with you for what will muffle in the jumper left on a chair back. And this time you will not understand a hint. Will proceed so until active attempts to explain to you in what business, will not lead to the fact that to it really will become warmer.

Despite complexity with expression of feelings, the cat Scorpion is capable to catch mood of people around intuitively. This its feature is in many respects similar to a female intuition, however not always it is used for the good. Having noticed that you were tired and you stay in bad mood, the cat can try to let you know that she knows how you are unfortunate and depressed, having taken seat near you while you want to stay alone.

And when you have a desire to spend a little time in the company of the favourite, – eventually, for this purpose you also brought her, – that she will not appear nearby because she is convinced that she is pleasant to you more when your cat for days on end walks in itself, but does not sit beside you, pining with boredom.

Behavior in society.
The scorpion shows keen interest in everything that he is related to death. If some birdie fell dead in your garden, your cat will be really bewitched by this show. She will approach remains and will begin to examine izuchayushche them just as the owner of funeral bureau gets accustomed to the next: to the client. Astrologers of antiquity were sure that the reason of such interest is in the previous incarnation: the cat carried out antecedents in other corporal embodiment, and it managed to hold in remembrance it.

Cats Scorpions and their so unusual bents generated a belief about resettlement of souls, widespread in China in due time. According to this belief, the person feeding sharp hostility for cats and having an allergy to their wool; in the antecedents, most likely, was a rat. You will have an opportunity to observe how the Scorpion uses this theory when your friends come to visit you.

That from your acquaintances which really loves cats and is proud of the fact that they adore it too will not attract any interest of your Scorpion. But that will begin to sneeze at its emergence, will meet that as native. You can not doubt: from now on this guest for a long time will forget the road to your house.

Other characteristic feature of this sign – attractiveness. The scorpion is directly connected with wills, with receiving inheritance, and the cat who was born under this constellation has much more chances, than any other, to begin one of to what lot happiness fell to become the rich successor. The reason can be that the Scorpion at heart the one-woman man. The old lonely hostess can become attached to such an extent to the faithful girlfriend that, dying, will leave all money to her – to the detriment of the family to which they by right belong.

If such cat belongs to you and you are still quite young and vigorous, then can not worry because similar does not threaten you. However if someone from your relatives on whose inheritance you have types owns her, then you should take seriously a situation and, while the getting is good, to take the appropriate measures.

Somewhere between all these extremes – an ordinary, average Scorpion. Such cat is betrayed to the owner, is at heart unselfish and does not seek to take from the relations with you of momentary benefit and other indulgences. Show care of it, and she will be reconciled with your shortcomings – counting on the fact that, appreciating your friendship, you will not be too exacting in relation to it too.

The person who was born under the sign of Cancer will be an ideal owner for a cat Scorpion. These two signs steadily get on among themselves in spite of the fact that both are considered as vigorous, persistent and quite difficult. The second place on preference is taken by Fishes though the person of this sign will need to observe a certain care, without assuming that natural abilities of the Scorpion were dissolved in the abyss of his water instincts. It can sometimes affect a cat discouragingly while that needs assistance and support that forces it to become isolated even more.

Relations with relatives.
Communication plays very important role in life of the Scorpion. Such cat adores going on guests, to visit friends and acquaintances, with not smaller pleasure she receives guests and at home.

She is deeply convinced that the more the company, the is more cheerful a party, and you in return will be unable to dissuade her from it if, of course, will not get a dog-koshkodava. All cats and cats with whom your favourite maintains the relations, will be by all means invited to your house. Many of them will begin to drop in on you at any time, as on themselves home. It means that sometimes because of such guests you will have no place to sit down, and in their other az will gather very much that you will have no opportunity to pass across the house, without having stumbled about any cat or without having crushed it a paw. You can have additional difficulties if owners of your guests did not impart them skills of personal hygiene and did not explain that houses should not be parted dampness.

The only time when you are able quietly to sigh at last, is when your cat decides that it would be time to use also her others hospitality and to pay a return visit to someone from the friends. Then she will go on a visit to a familiar cat today to make life of its owner same intolerable what was yesterday yours. And you will have an opportunity to sit and have a rest quietly, mentally wishing them good luck.

Despite aspiration to communal life, the Scorpion will surely choose among the familiar several cats with whom it will improve closer relations, than with all others. It is unlikely you ever will manage to learn by what criteria this selection because all cats who are in your house seem to you equally nasty is made. However your favourite on this subject has rules. Some of the kitties rejected by him will become his obvious enemies subsequently. Usually it is those cats who it is free in due time or involuntarily something offended your Scorpion or had the nerve to neglect him opinion. Perhaps, they declared to it that they refuse flatly visit of your house, or did not wish to sharpen claws about your furniture. Whatever was the reason, but every time at a meeting with them your cat with exasperation will snatch on them as if wishing to force them to take the words back.

Love tendencies.
In a love field all Scorpions behave enough predictably and quite primitively. If at your favourite it is shown in the form of the aspiration to learn harsh realities of life, having rejected all foolish illusions and prejudices, then can be sure that he at all not an exception of the rule.

In the choice of the partner the cat Scorpion is persistent and energetic. Often to it only one look suffices to define that it she, his darling, and it can confuse well well-mannered cat. As he will not begin to be frank with you on this subject, you will know nothing about its love intentions until is too late. Only when everything will begin to develop safely, will be permitted to you by own eyes to look whom he cajoles because he will bring the girlfriend home, expecting that now you will have no other exit how to admit her to family.

If you decided to be engaged in cultivation of cats, then you should not assign special hopes for the cat Scorpion. She is too highly moral and ambitious here so, easily, to communicate with representatives of an opposite sex. She can almost not reconcile to the fact that everyone has shortcomings - and that not all is allowed to be such supersensitive and intelligent as she. So, without wishing to discredit itself the relations with the cat who is not answering to its high inquiries, she would prefer to leave everything as is. However be not under a delusion. Everything that is required to it to create the novel, so it to meet a cat of similar views and beliefs then it will become no more abstinent, than any other cat.

Physical data.
Usually it is easy to recognize the Scorpion by a brawny constitution and beautiful dark eyes. However its most noticeable distinctive feature the coolness mask which strongly stuck to him by right is considered. If to shoot with a gun near the cat's company, then that cat who it will be necessary to sit very quietly in place and even an ear will not lead, on a horoscope, undoubtedly, the Scorpion.

Later you will be able to recognize a cat Scorpion on gait waddlingly (result of overeating) and on curve paws that for this sign is congenital defect and does not respond to any other treatment, except quick.

Usually the Scorpion possesses strong mentality and is not subject to diseases. But when he after all gets sick, is ill long and hard. The best means by means of which it can be put on legs again – rest and good rest, but, unfortunately, hardly such approach will satisfy it. The scorpion loves when he is surrounded with care and attention therefore he will expect from you that you will begin to care for it and to cherish until do not feel that too you are on the mend.

The more you strive around the favourite, the better she feels – though will not hurry to let you know it. And you still some time will carefully lay over her warm hot-water bottles and to serve her dinner in a bed. And she will behave like the old man neurotic who spent so much time in hospital that better you knows how it is necessary to look after him and who will not leave you alone until you do not make everything as it is necessary.

If you noticed terrible symptoms of the coming disease: the nose of a cat became absolutely dry, she begins to glance towards the chair, best in the house, – it is more reasonable to place her in a veterinary clinic, having given it an opportunity to be at war individually with people who have no time for pottering with simulators Differently you risk to destroy the fragile relations which developed between you and your cat: after it becomes better for it, you should begin anew long and wearisome fight for her love and trust. If, of course, by then you still consider that game is worth the candle.

You were simply not lucky.
Primitively organized Scorpion – a cat from your nightmares. She is as unscrupulous as Al Capone, and is ruthless as legendary Jack the Ripper. She is cunning, inventive and has pronounced criminal bents. Such cat lives in own world where evil spirits and other evil spirits run the show, and it is the real small hell. Exactly from there she watches the events in your world so you should get used to her baleful, vicious look. Nothing in life will bring it bigger pleasure, than an opportunity to overcome the wall of decency and subjects surrounding you to reduce you to the level.

This type of cats should not be admitted to children whose gentle souls differ in special susceptibility and impressionability. Such cat will very quickly manage to subordinate them to herself, and since then they will be lost for the world. All cats have a tendency to sadism. To understand it, it is enough to observe the cat playing with the caught mouse. However for a primitive cat Scorpion all these games cat and mouse – no more than baby talk. Such cat invents much more sophisticated ways of extension of an agony of the victim. The only suitable place for such cat – a cat's den of thieves where she will be able to make the life miserable similar. You can only sympathize.

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