• Jan 21, 2020


can be said About the Aries that to him "the sea knee-deep". It is the most vigorous of all zodiac signs, it suits such active breeds of dog as a Jack Russell Terrier or a mittelschnauzer.


Tauruses are eternally busy, is eternal in work. And therefore representatives of this sign will suit more independent breeds of dog which are quite capable to entertain themselves. For example, such breed as Scottish terrier. For the private house Tauruses with pleasure take the favourite breed of dog – a St. Bernard.


Is the cheerful and active sign with many-sided talents and abilities therefore such breed which will be quickly trained, friendly and clever, for example, a golden retriever or a labrador retriever is necessary for it . Well, it is also not necessary to forget that all kinds of people …


is necessary for This sign small breed. It has to be the friend whom Cancer can constantly hold on hands and give the ocean of love and care. It suits such breeds as a spitz-dog or a chihuahua.


Lions like to make an impression, to show the power, to reign over all, adore when all are afraid of them. And the dog is necessary to Lev corresponding: Rottweiler , German shepherd , German mastiff.


to Representatives of this sign mostly all the same what breed of a dog is near them. Maidens like to bring up all and prefer to hold such breeds as which are difficult giving in to training a beagle or a bloodhound. Often become cynologists.


to the Beautiful, stately, having truly English nobility Scales will suit such breeds as a pointer or the Irish setter more.


the Scorpion constantly deliberates over the mysteries of the universe, riddles of the Universe and other mysticism. It is the sign which all life is masked therefore most of all it will suit dogs of a mystical black color, and it is desirable big, solid dogs — Newfoundland dogs or Dobermann terriers .


to Active Sagittariuses who do not suffer restrictions in any kind and are unshakably sure of own correctness, the same sure breeds approach. For example, riesenschnauzer.


Very careful, sometimes even to excessive "overcautious persons" to Capricorns who like everything to consider several times well will suit such breeds as the boxer or a dalmatian.


Aquarius has tendency to all unusual, making on surrounding an unforgettable impression! It is important that the dog who is near Aquarius drew general attention, was madly beautiful. It can be an Alaskan malamute or huskies.


As well as all double signs, Fishes prefer not to be limited to one dog. But most often they choose breeds same quiet as they are. Owing to natural nobility often choose a mongrel. Societies of animals, in particular dogs, they more than have enough therefore Fishes like to go to walk with the canine friends far away from a civilization and people.

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