• Jan 21, 2020

you not a macaque on Zodiac sign, and a good dog! What you a dog on zodiac sign?


the First Zodiac sign wants to be the first in everything! The aries — the leader at heart. He is resolute, firm and persistent.

Among dogs are similar to Arieses the Central Asian sheep-dog and the American Akita .


Motto of Tauruses: "All to the house, all to the house!" They thrifty, thrifty, persistent in achievement of the goal, strong and reliable.

of Breed of dog, having all advantages of Tauruses: Newfoundland dog and Rottweiler.


Representatives of this air Zodiac sign are clever, inquisitive, charismatic. They are full of enthusiasm and are fast.

of the Dog, reminding on character of Twins: fox terrier and airdale .


Cancers are the famous adherents of family values. They very much love children, are careful, but at the same time will not miss the.

Among dogs have the same qualities golden retrievers and Labradors.


the Name of this Zodiac sign speaks for itself. Lions are brave, noble, quite slow and adore attention.

of Breed of dog whom it is possible to call by the embodiment of these qualities: American Staffordshire terrier and English bulldog .


This very active Zodiac sign personifies punctuality, responsibility and accuracy.

Among dogs the same qualities can brag poodles and griffons .


Scales differ in care, friendliness and versatility. And still they are devilishly charming.

of the Dog similar to them are кеесхонд and a Yorkshire terrier .


Scorpions are resolute, brave and prompt. And still they entirely for logic and objectivity.

the Same qualities among dogs possess the Belgian sheep-dog of a malinu and huskies .


Cheerful, positive, vigorous Sagittariuses can become soul of any company — their emotions burst forth.

B it are similar to them such breeds of dog as a bull terrier and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


This winter Zodiac sign is distinguished by thoroughness, persistence, will power. At the same time they are quite good diplomats.

Among dog breeds of Capricorns most of all are reminded by bassets and bloodhounds.


Aquarius — the creative person. They are sociable, independent and a little extravagant.

have Similar characters such dogs as Samoyeds and dachshunds .


of Fish are natures deep. They are pensive, thoughtful, harmonious and sensitive.

of Breed of dog similar to Fishes: Pomeranian spitz-dogs and veymaraner .

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