• Jan 21, 2020

Sobaka-Oven (21.03 – 20.04)

Very active, cocky dog. Movements are sharp, gusty. Very much likes to pursue everything that moves.

of Sobaku-Ovna needs or to be driven on a lead all the time, or very carefully and seriously to train, otherwise it will become uncontrollable.

Four-footed Arieses adore long walks. Their inexhaustible energy exhausts the owner conceding to the pet on physical capacities.

of Sobaku-Ovna needs to be trained from early age. They submit to resolute and vigorous gestures and accurate sound teams.

If the destiny threw to you an impulsive and restless Aries, it is necessary to temper a body and spirit, otherwise it will be difficult to get on with the dog got by spirit of rivalry with all people around.

Sobaka-Telets (21.04 – 21.05)

Sobaki-Teltsy – stubborn owners and pragmatists. Adore plentifully and eating well, are inclined to obesity.

to Apply
to a four-footed Taurus violence is useless. Not to become "a dog of the dog", you should not learn to suppress the pet, and to patiently "mould" him under yourself. Strain imagination, think up fascinating and interesting games, then yours pes-Telets will become the exemplary pupil.

Study Tauruses slowly, but acquire material strongly. And the obstinacy turns into persistence and persistence.

These dogs are tender and peaceful, but the toys will furiously protect. Sentry pes-Telets he is fanatically devoted to the family and the house.

Tauruses are conservative and do not like to strain in vain. Any changes perceive watchfully.

Differ in the patience of job, but you should not anger them. In anger they are terrible and almost insensitive to pain.

Sobaka-Bliznetsy (22.05 – 21.06)

These charming dogs do not take out indifference or loneliness.

of Sobaki-Bliznetsy combine emotionality, sensitivity and levity, are often unpredictable. This is the cunning who is quite capable of deception, and with absolutely unperturbable look. And will even take part in search of the sausage stolen by someone.
However is unfair to call them unscrupulous and artful. Deception – the investigation of intelligence, determination and ingenuity. Just send their energy to the necessary course.

of Sobaki-Bliznetsy well study, willingly perceive new, are inquisitive, but at the same time are quite timid. Do not take out monotony, quickly get tired.

They willingly will go hiking with you, but at the same time are ready to be coordinated for everyone who will play or will treat with something tasty.

Sobaka-Rak (22.06 – 22.07)

Sobaki-Raki demand the delicate and valid address. They are sensitive and will not fail to show it. Therefore do not vent on them bad mood.

Badly transfer loneliness, are allocated with excellent memory and high I.Q. Four-footed Cancers are affectionate and playful. They idolize the owner and if their love is not mutual, it is the present tragedy fraught with a depression or a nervous breakdown.

These dogs are tied to the house, can work as nurses or care for the deserted kittens.

For them is ideal measured, slow life.

Dog Lion (23.07 - 23.08)

is inherent in Dogs Lions a certain royalty, self-esteem and even self-confidence. They do not start meeting you, and condescend before communication more likely. However, the small doggie which was born under this sign can remind the Pug, oblaivayushchy an elephant.
Four-footed Lions are proud and brave, irrespective of the sizes.

Save them from excessive loadings: pride will not allow them to recognize that they something cannot, and the organism can not sustain tension.

People, communicating with these dogs, become more generous and more noble.

Sobaka-Deva (24.08 - 23.09)

These dogs are, as a rule, very clean. They love an order, are disciplined, clever, are not subject to others influence and bravely rise in defense of the owner.

Four-footed Maidens – a gift for the competent trainer. They are extremely intellectual and allocated with call of duty. If do something not so, sincerely are upset.

Sobaka-Vesy (24.09 – 23.10)

Sobak-Vesov distinguishes complaisance, softness and refinement. These are peacekeepers who awfully suffer from family quarrels.

These dogs, as a rule, love music. And willingly sing along, listening to radio - or the telecast.

With four-footed Scales you will not miss and will not wallow in the conflicts.

Dog Scorpion (24.10 - 22.11)

need to walk Dogs Scorpions very intensively, otherwise their character will deteriorate, and they will become angry and disobedient.

Four-footed Scorpions are rectilinear, distinguish only black and white. And the way from love to hatred at them is short. They are capable of revenge.

These dogs perfectly approach for a role of office. They are capable to find and catch the most imperceptible criminal.

At dogs Scorpions is perfectly developed an intuition, and they perfectly foresee your actions.

Sobaka-Strelets (23.11 – 21.12)

This sign allocates dogs with self-respect and heightened sense of justice.

of Sobaki-Streltsy are mobile, cheerful, love a scope and will. Hate a lead, but are trained well. Adore travel and with pleasure explore new places.

Four-footed Sagittariuses are tireless and hazardous, they are excellent athletes.

Dog Capricorn (22.12 - 20.01)

Is the quiet, balanced dogs willingly submitting to rules. A daily routine for them – all. The disorder of owners can become the stress reason.

you should come for walk accurately according to the schedule. Weather conditions or employment are not considered as the softening circumstances.

the Dog Capricorn disciplines owners, accustoms to persistence in achievement of the goals and, quite possibly, is capable to bring to a way of welfare.

Sobaka-Vodoley (21.01 – 18.02)

to Sobaki-Vodolei are friendly, playful, tender, glad to guests and seldom become good security guards.

They perfectly adapt to any, even to the most anarchist conditions. Are ready to find independently works to liking and like to eat well.

Four-footed Aquarius loves caress and can treat owners: to reduce blood pressure, to eliminate insomnia and to increase immunity.

Dog Fish (19.02 - 20.03)

can call Dogs Fishes psychics safely. They are extremely precautionary, understand sense of words and are very appeasable. These dogs are ready to listen for hours to you, with indefatigable attention.

Four-footed Fishes are clever, are easily trained, but the vulnerability and frequent changes of mood are peculiar to them. They do not suffer violence and shout, and seldom are aggressive. The owner has to show a step, softness, to use a positive reinforcement.

of the Dog Fish have the gift of healing, but it is impossible to abuse it: these pets do not think of themselves at all and can wither.

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