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of the Horse most often eat any kind of a forage which they are given even if it does harm to their organism. And a task of the person — to make a diet of a horse so that animals not only were sated, but also remained healthy.
 feeding of horses On a photo: the horse eats a grass

What is eaten by a horse?

Ruth Bishop in the book devoted to to feeding of horses , provides the list given below. In it forages are located in decreasing order of quantity. That is fodder goes the first — his horse needs most of all. On the last place of delicacy — they are given in very limited quantity.
  • Fodder.
  • Fodder straw.
  • Mixes with cellulose.
  • Briquettes.
  • Rough mixes, or muesli (sweet forages).
  • Simple forages (grain and bran belong to them).
  • Stabilizers.
  • Nutritional supplements.
  • Delicacies.
the Main part of a diet of a horse makes fodder (most often it is hay ). The horse eats a lot of such forage (about 15 kg a day, depending on the size and appetite).
 horses eat hay Photo: goferma.ru

Fodder straw is used sometimes in a diet of a horse as addition to hay.

of Muesli gain the increasing popularity among fans of horses recently. They represent the mixes of granules and flakes which are slightly covered with molasses or other cover.
Stabilizers provide receipt in an organism of a horse of the concentrated nutrients and are most often presented in the form of granules.
Nutritional supplements are a functional addition to a diet, their quantity in day can be about 50 — 100 гр.
of Delicacy in a diet of a horse is the same as for us cakes or candies. They serve as remuneration or are given as a greeting or completion of work.

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