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the Part of horsemen are crazy about friezes, and a part also passionately does not love them. However indifferent to this black handsome who are called by "black pearls" is nobody.
On a photo: horse of breed Frieze

History of friezes

the First mentions of the Frisian horses can be found in the 13th century. However as breed friezes were created in the Province of Frizland (Netherlands) in 16 — 17 centuries. It is a product of crossing of local heavy trucks with the Spanish horses — andaluzam, during this period Holland was occupied by Spain.
the Main destination of friezes — a carriage horse. During an era of baroque of black handsome parted on Danish royal stud and at the plant of the archbishop Zalburgsky. Friezes were ceremonial horses of the nobility and even kings.
On a photo: Frieze
However time went, and friezes went "to the people", working in agriculture.
B 18 and 19 thanks to playfulness unusual at that time on a lynx friezes mastered centuries one more specialty — rysisty races. They ran 1 kilometer in 2 minutes. Friezes, by the way, participated in removal of the Oryol trotters.
In 1823 were founded by the king William I the Frisian races which were carried out every year and were called "Day of the Royal switch". The winner of races won the first prize — a gold switch.
However in the second half of the 19th century appeared a set of running breeds which surpassed friezes. Black heavyweights could not compete to them, and the popularity of breed sharply fell. To keep breed, created special society of the breeding book of friezes. At that time members of society set to themselves the task to breed medium-sized horses for agricultural works. However in 1913 there were only 3 thoroughbred stallions friezes. Only at the price of huge efforts the breed managed to be kept.
In the 60th years of the 20th century the breed endured one more crisis. And again friezes were saved by efforts of enthusiasts.
In 1994 friezes were harnessed in the royal carriage in the Hague at opening of the World horse games.
Now interest in friezes grows. They are parted not only in the Netherlands, but also in other countries of Western Europe, in the USA and South Africa.
Works a set of associations of horses of the Frisian breed in Holland, Great Britain and the USA.

Description of friezes

the Frieze – not a really large horse (height in withers — 152 — 162 cm), elegant and high-legged, having a pronounced draft warehouse. Constitution rough and friable. The case is deep, wide, however slightly stretched, a back long and sometimes soft. The friability of the constitution compensates a high exit of a neck.
the Neck at friezes peculiar: it is put very highly, has a beautiful easy bend.
long, large, profile almost straight line.
Ears long.
One of distinctive features of friezes are very dense and long brushes standing (they are also called by "friezes").
Mane and tail long and magnificent.
Colour can be only a crow though before the beginning of the 20th century there was a set of bay friezes. The mark in the form of an asterisk (diameter no more than 30 mm) at mares is admissible. Stallions should not have marks.
On a photo: horse of breed Frieze
Breeders of the Frisian horses cultivate "the carriage course" at they on which lynx of a leg of a horse make big circular amplitude. It leads to loss of speed on smooth soil, however on soft and deep soil (for example, sand or snow) such course demands the smallest energy consumption.
Friezes have pleasant character. They are extremely chelovekooriyentirovana and easily study. The Frisian horses successfully combine steadiness and vigor. Thanks to all these qualities they are beautiful horses for fans of riding.

Application of friezes

Friezes remained as agricultural horses, especially in the villages of Holland.
Are used friezes as tourist horses, in circus, a dressage, a drayving and carry ceremonial carriages.
Also Frisian horses are applied as decorative, with them very much like to hold photoshoots.
of the Photoshoot with friezes are very popular

Well-known horses of breed frieze

Thanks to the effective memorable appearance friezes often act in at film. They can be seen in movies "Alexander", "Mask of Zorro", "300 Spartans", "Chronicles of Narnia" and others.
friz in the movie "Mask of Zorro" the Frame from the movie "Mask of Zorro" with participation of a frieze

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