• Sep 18, 2019

to calculate a diet, it is necessary to determine the level of load of a horse correctly. "By eye" to define how many energy is spent by a horse for work, it is impossible. And if it is wrong to determine the level of load of a horse, she can be underfed or overfed. How to determine the level of load of a horse for calculation of a diet?

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The daily activity (loading) of a horse is divided into the following categories:

  • Maintenance.
  • Easy work.
  • Average work.
  • Hard work.

the Table for determination of category of load of a horse

Level of load of a horse

Types of the work which is carried out by a horse


the Horse or a pony does not work with


Easy work

  • Work under a saddle (1 – 2 hour a day) – an easy training.
  • the Young horses participating in competitions for beginners.
  • Dressage: preliminary driving for young horses.
  • Initial training of race horses.
  • Local competitions in jumping.
  • Run up to 30 km.
  • Police horses.

Average work

  • Broods on a show.
  • Dressage (Average Prize level).
  • Horse-racing tournament lasting 1 day.
  • Run up to 80 km.
  • Quick work of a race horse.
  • Competitions in jumping.

Hard work

  • Horse hunting.
  • Dressage (Big Prize level).
  • Tests for playfulness and endurance.
  • Horse-racing tournaments lasting 3 days.
  • Training and tests of a race horse.
If you correctly estimate physical activity of the horse, then will be able to feed her according to work which she performs.

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