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the Percheron – breed of the tyazheloupryazhny horses brought in France. These horses are also called by "the French heavy trucks".
On a l photo ошадь breeds a percheron

History of breed percheron

of Percherons removed at the beginning of the 19th century in France. In them blood east (generally Arab) stallions and local tyazheloupryazhny mares "merged". People needed rather fast, but at the same time hardy and strong horses who would carry post carriages and omnibuses. But percherons – it is rather, not result of purposeful selection, but a product of conditions of dwelling on the historical homeland.
the Name the breed received
from the province of Perche on the southern coast of Seine. These places abound with magnificent pastures thanks to what cultivation of horses became possible.
Percherons are strong, tall horses who move generally at a slow pace and a slow lynx.
In France percherons divide into large, average and small. Average percherons are most widespread.
Black Percheron
On a photo of l ошадь breeds a percheron of black color

Description of a percheron

Percherons are quite large, shirokokostny horses.

Measurements of a percheron

Persheronsky stallion
Persheronsky mare
Height in withers (average)
of 162 cm
of 160 cm
Slanting length of a trunk (average)
of 169 cm
Chest (average)
of 202 cm
of 197 cm
pyasta Grasp (average)
of 24.4 cm
of 22.7 cm
Growth of a percheron can vary from 154 to 175 cm
at a percheron rather small, expressive and beautiful – probably, this heritage of the Arab ancestors. Forehead convex and wide. Bright eyes, a little convex. Ears soft and long. Flat nose. Wide nostrils.
the Neck of a percheron of moderate length, brawny, is decorated with a dense mane.
Breast wide and deep.
the Withers which are slightly raised.
Back strong, short.
of Grain long and powerful, direct, slightly doubled.
the Tail magnificent, has low landing.
of the Leg strong. Forearms of average length, and pyasta strong, but short.
All this
makes a percheron extraordinary hardy and strong, the massiveness in them is combined with grace.
The most widespread color of a percheron – gray. Also black percherons meet, is much more rare – red and roan.
Percheron of Black Colour of a Photo
On a photo a horse of breed a percheron of black color
Character of a percheron quiet, patient, benevolent. But at the same time the horse is active, bright and possesses fast reaction. Distinctive feature of percherons – ease in training.
Percherons are unpretentious in contents.

Application of a percheron

of Percherons removed for works which demand endurance and force, including for agricultural. But the soft course allows them to be also excellent saddle walking horses.
Percherons differ by the size and the building. Easier type is more often used under a saddle and in a harness. Heavier horses are more often used in agriculture or roll tourists in parks. The percheron can pass about 50 km a day.
Percheron of Grey Colour
of the Photo of a horse of breed percheron
Percherons were used for removal of the Belarusian draft horses. And in the USA they are crossed to small local horses to receive agricultural and carriage horses.
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