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the Tersky breed of horses is removed by

in Russia relatively recently (in 2018 to breed 70 years were executed).

 the Tersky horse runs in Levada of a photo

On a photo: tersky horse. Photo: wikipedia.org

Tersky breed of horses: history

The history of tersky breed of horses originates in the twenties the 20th centuries at the Stavropol and Tersky horse-breeding centers. Received tersky horses, crossing streletsky horses to horses Karachay, Don and Arab breeds. Also restrictedly stallions thoroughbred riding breeds were used.

The "tersky" breed of horses received the name in 1948 when these horses were officially recognized.

Removal of the horses combining the best qualities of Arabs and local breeds of horses was the purpose of creation of tersky breed of horses: unpretentiousness and refinement, endurance and speed.

The tersky horse – harmonious, strong, but at the same time graceful, orderly and easily trained became result.

 the Tersky horse jumps in Levada of a photo

On a photo: tersky horse. Photo: wikipedia.org

Tersky breed of horses: description

According to the description of tersky breed, a horse which belong to it, have the riding forms, harmonious addition and remind the Arab horses, however larger. Average height in withers of a stallion of tersky breed – 162 cm, mares – 158 cm

The description of tersky breed of horses includes three types:

  1. Main (characteristic) type of tersky horses . At these horses the head, average by the size, a profile concave or direct, a nape long. Eyes are brilliant, big and expressive. Middle ears on length, mobile, pointed. The neck is long, has a beautiful bend. The back is wide, short. The waist is equal, short. A croup of average length, wide, direct or normally lowered. Legs strong and dry, have correct posts, a brush very small. Tail and mane not too dense.
  2. East (easy) type of tersky breed of horses . East type is the embodiment of ancestors of breed, streletsky horses. At these horses extremely dry constitution and the exaggerated east breed. A little head, a forehead often convex, a profile "pike", as at the Arab horses, a neck long. For the rest they almost do not differ from tersky horses of characteristic type. These horses are more exacting to conditions of keeping.
  3. Dense type of tersky breed of horses . Tersky horses of dense type differ from the first two versions. These horses larger, massive, shirokotely, brawny and bony. They have the rough head, shorter and thick neck, however the legs which are correctly put and dry. It is the smallest type of tersky horses.
Colour of a tersky horse, as a rule, light gray, has an opaque silver outflow. However tersky horses of red and bay color meet.

Character of a tersky horse appeasable and orderly. They well study.

 the Tersky horse passes a photo stream

On a photo: tersky horse. Photo: google

Application of a tersky horse

Tersky horses are universal, and it are valuable. They well proved in a show and in equestrian sport, in particular, in a dressage and jumping. Also not bad horses of tersky breed in run proved.

Thanks to appeasable character, tersky horses are often used in hippotherapy.

Well-known tersky horses

On a light gray tersky horse the Idol the marshal Zhukov reviewed on June 24, 1945 Victory Day parade.

 Zhukov on a tersky horse Victory Day parade 1945 of a photo

On a photo: a tersky horse on Victory Day parade in 1945. Photo: wikipedia.org

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