• Dec 18, 2018

the Nature gave to the cat family claws for production of food and self-defense. Unfortunately, in house conditions animals can spoil them wall-paper and furniture, they need periodically to grind off too grown claws. For a solution owners do the operation "Soft Pads" to cats, also it is called an onikhektomiya. The procedure has the features and risks. Therefore not to be sorry about done, it is recommended to weigh everything pros and cons in advance.

The Operation

of Feature of the procedure

Before the procedure the animal is carefully examined . Not later than a week it is necessary to carry out expulsion of helminths. Operation does not demand removal of wool from finger-tips. It is in advance necessary to process paws antiseptic solution.

The structure of claws at cats has the features other than nails of the person. At animals they are connected to a finger phalanx. Therefore when carrying out "Soft pads" it is necessary to delete all phalanx entirely, and not just a claw.

Removal of Claws at a Cat

For holding the procedure use a scalpel or specialized syringes which help to remove a claw. Below a knee joint and an elbow the plait is imposed. Cutting off of a bone on the unbending shoot is carried out. Further the cut is processed an anti-septic tank. Most often Tritsillin, Zoomukol or Streptocide use.

Veterinarians advise owners the first few days after operation to put special protective bandages and a collar on pets. To protect seams and a bandage from a razgryzaniye, put on a special collar a neck of a cat. It is necessary to change bandages time further in three days, processing a wound brilliant green and an anti-septic tank.

Even at fast restoration after intervention when all seams dragged on and bandage are removed, the animal needs special leaving and attention. It is ideal if someone can look after and help a cat not to lose balance.

of the Complication and possible risks

To carry out any procedures under the general anesthesia is a risky action. It is connected with developing of possible allergies and also with a difficult period of restoration. Onikhektomiya can lead to blood poisoning and problems with immunity.

The procedure soft pads has a number of specific risks:

Complications and Possible Risks after Operation

  1. After removal of claws osteoporosis, scoliosis, osteomyelitis and an atrophy of muscles can begin to develop. There is it because of change in load distribution which occur at the movement.
  2. Loss of coordination at jumps and during walking. After the restoration period the cat is forced to learn to go anew, leaning on pads, and in any way earlier — on claws. Unfortunately, not all animals manage to get used. For some process of movement will remain a problem forever.
  3. After full healing of seams the pet can feel intolerable pain which arises when walking. It can occur if operation was executed by the nonprofessional veterinarian. In process the nervous terminations on fingers can be touched.
  4. Animals take deprivation of claws hard. It can affect on behavior of a cat. Some pets cease to be interested in games and an opposite sex. After the procedure they feel the lowest in status.
  5. In the first attempts to rise on pads after operation bleeding can open. In such cases of a cat it is necessary to bring as soon as possible to clinic to avoid serious consequences.

Ways to replace an onikhektomiya

Supporters and opponents of the operation "Soft Pads" adduce quite powerful pros and cons. If disposal of claws is not a matter of life and death of a cat, then is recommended to consider alternative methods .

Silicone Overlays for Claws of a Cat

Operation a tendonektomiya can become rescue. It too surgical intervention, but, unlike an onikhektomiya, not such injury-causing. When performing the veterinarian cuts a sinew on a sgibatel of a finger. It allows to deprive of a cat of an opportunity to spoil furniture and to scratch people.

It is possible to deprive of a cat of an opportunity to spoil home decoration and without surgeries. Special silicone overlays for claws will help with it.

Choice of Silicone Overlays for a Cat

Now the market presents to attention of owners a wide choice of such accessories . They are various flowers that cannot but be pleasant to fans of cats.

The surgical procedure "Soft Pads" is carried out in many veterinary clinics. You should not approach the decision to remove claws thoughtlessly. It is necessary to weigh well consequences and risks for the pet and also to undergo preliminary consultation of the veterinarian.

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