• Dec 9, 2018

Defeat by helminths (worms) is the most widespread disease which arises at representatives of the cat family. Internal parasites can seriously do much harm to the pet, and sometimes even to become the reason of his death. Expulsion of helminths — prevention of worms will help to protect an animal from danger. It is necessary to know from what age it is possible to glistogonit kittens not to do harm to their health.

From What Age It Is Possible to Glistogonit Kittens

Regularity of carrying out expulsion of helminths

Preventively - improving expulsion of helminths periodically should be carried out from three-week age. Means with a mark "to kittens" are for this purpose applied. Other anthelmintics are intended more adult pets. It is better to give such medicines to the animals who reached 1.5 — 2 months.

The Choice of Medicines for Cats

The regularity of carrying out preventive measures depends on age. Young animals about one year need to be glistogonit at least 1 every three months, adult cats — times in half a year. But frequency of the procedure can vary: for example, for the cats eating fresh fish, an offal and crude forcemeat, expulsion of helminths it is recommended time in 3 — 4 months . It is necessary to carry out it for reduction of risk of infection with the parasites who are in crude products.

If the cat does not go outside, then it is not necessary to think that he is not subject to a parasitic invasion. Such animal glistogonitsya according to the scheme: about one year — quarterly, after a year — time in half a year. It is necessary to know that many species of parasites from an animal can be transferred with ease to the person, provoking in him in an organism serious violations.

What means to save kittens about worms

Usually cats are glistogonit once, but if there are suspicions on parasites (the mumpish stomach, diarrhea are found in Calais), then medicine needs to be given repeatedly. Primary procedure allows to destroy only adult individuals of worms. After 10 days untouched eggs — they grow ripe and grow and perish at repeated expulsion of helminths.

The kitten can catch worms from a cat still before is born. After birth there can also be infection through milk in which there are eggs of helminths. It can happen even if the cat house and at all never leaves the apartment. If the kitten was picked up on the street, then it is possible to be sure that worms surely are present at his organism.

Symptoms of a helminthic invasion

Adult and healthy cats have good resilience to a helminthic invasion therefore it is possible to define a disease at them not always. But if the organism of the pet underwent infection, and the disease progresses, then arise the following symptoms:

When It Is Better to Give to a Kitten Medicine

  • slackness, weakness, fast fatigue;
  • existence of worms or eggs in excrement;
  • disorder of a GIT — alternation of a diarrhea and a lock;
  • small appetite or refusal of food;
  • sharp weight reduction;
  • swelling and density of a stomach;
  • emetic reflexes;
  • the dim tousled wool;
  • uneasy behavior.

Treatment of Kittens for Worms

Symptoms of infection with helminths are similar to symptoms of other dangerous cat's diseases therefore except expulsion of helminths it is necessary to make tests. It should be noted that tape-worms are the most dangerous form parasitizing in an organism. They can be observed not only in digestive tract, but also in other bodies, for example, in a liver.

Existence of worms has a harmful impact on a kitten. Breeding, helminths poison with products of the activity an animal organism, injure internals. In the started staliya the helminthic invasion can lead to formation of a ball which will cork intestines and will lead to its gap. As a result the kitten will die.

medicine Choice

Now in veterinary drugstores the good selection of means for destruction of helminths is presented. Medicines from worms contain in structure the toxic substances (piperazin, pyranbodies, фенбендазол) destroying adult helminths or interfering their further activity. It is necessary to give these drugs to a kitten very accurately. Exist rules which need to be observed for safety of health of an animal:

Leaving for Kittens

  1. Strictly to follow the instructions written to instructions to medicine: to observe a dosage, frequency rate, the mode.
  2. Not to carry out expulsion of helminths at the exhausted and sick pets. Toxic effect of anthelmintic on the weakened organism can lead to sad consequences.
  3. Not to give to kittens strong means.

Before giving any medicine from worms, the kitten needs to make the analysis a calla. By results of a research it will be possible to understand what species of helminths lives in an animal organism. Thanks to it the veterinarian will be able to pick up to the four-leg patient medicine which effect is directed on invasion activators.

For prevention it is necessary to select medicine according to age and animal weight. Medicine has to be convenient in use and calculation of a dose. There is a large number of forms of anthelmintics: drops on withers, tablets, suspensions. Not to doubt when choosing medicine, it is necessary to consult with the doctor or the druggist in veterinary drugstore.

Need of prevention before an inoculation

Vaccination of Kittens

Inoculation is the important action necessary for formation of immunity of an animal to such dangerous diseases as plague, panleukopenia, калицивироз. At vaccination the weakened viruses of these diseases are entered into an organism of the pet. If interferes with such responsible moment background паразитоз, the immunity can not be created in general or will become weakened.

There is a set of types of vaccines for cats. Some of them are entered without fail, others — depending on desire of the owner. For definition of the schedule of inoculation of an animal it is necessary to address to veterinary clinic. An important action before an inoculation is processing of a cat from fleas and worms.

Usually the procedure for processing of the pet from parasites consists of two stages. First of all the cat needs to be saved from fleas, for example, using the medicine Blokhnet max. It should be made in 14 — 18 days prior to an inoculation. Anthelminthic means needs to be given to an animal in 10 days.

The high efficiency, safety and convenience in application at prevention and treatment of helminthic invasions characterizes the medicine Prazitel. It is often recommended by veterinarians. Means enjoys popularity at owners of nurseries and owners of cats.

The vaccine modeling immunity can prove differently in an animal organism therefore it is necessary to be prepared for an action correctly:

Keeping of Cats in the House

  1. When carrying out the first inoculation from worms reception of antivermicular means has to be finished for a week before vaccination.
  2. At a complex inoculation at least in 10 — 20 days it is necessary to proglistogonit an animal.
  3. The injection from rage has to be carried out in a month after reception of anthelminthic means.
  4. At repeated complex vaccination antivermicular medicine needs to be taken in three weeks prior to an action.

To many glistogonny medicines it is specified in instructions that to give them to the lactating and pregnant females it is not recommended as they contain the toxic substances which are harmful influencing embryos. Besides, components of anthelminthic means get into milk which kittens eat. For this reason it is desirable to glistogonit a cat in 2 weeks prior to the planned knitting.

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