• Jan 25, 2019

Before sterilization the owner makes a number of important decisions. It is necessary to choose good clinic and the veterinarian, type of intervention and an anesthesia, to undergo inspection. But it then. And in the beginning there is a question of the best time for sterilization of cats. Doctors told nuances, considering features of different groups of pets. So now this decision can be shifted to shoulders of experts safely.

Sterilization of Cats

the Best age for sterilization

Was considered earlier that at first the kitten has to be created completely physically. Like, because of removal of a uterus and ovaries development will stop therefore it is necessary to castrate in a year or even two. And it is even better to allow to give rise "for health". But the late operation almost does not protect from cancer of mammary glands .

The Best Age for Sterilization

About 15 years ago in the USA advanced early castration. At the same time it became clear that the myth about physical underdevelopment early the castrated animals — really the myth.

Unfortunately, band operation and an anesthesia at the age of three months often led to complications on heart, lungs, an urinogenital system.

In terms of modern veterinary science, it is two outdated extremes. Time, ideal for sterilization, comes before the first techka, somewhere in a month. When the cat already almost grew, but puberty did not begin yet.

Nuances of breed

The First Techka at a Cat

Precisely the manufacturer will help to define the best time for sterilization. Not only features of concrete breed, but also feature of a single pedigree line are known to it. For example, if mother cat had the first techka in a year, at her kittens daughters puberty will occur approximately at this time.

Noblewomen mature differently, but is more often at the age of 6−8 months. The doctor after survey will more precisely tell, and for fidelity it is possible to make the test on hormones. Early easy cats, with thin frame — east ripen. Approximate age of the first techka of 5−6 months.

Breeds of early maturing:

  • European burma;
  • Siamese, Bali;
  • oriental, Javanese;
  • the Thai;
  • Cornysh and Devon-reksy;
  • Abyssinian, Somali.

Heavier frame and lump of a cat ripen later, in 7−9 months. And some Maine Coons remain kittens longer than year. Almost for certain the noblewoman will late ripen if her mother — a large murka in a rich fur coat.

Breed of a Cat Maine Coon

Longer native breeds whose ancestors lived in severe conditions mature:

  • Siberian, Nevsky maskaradny;
  • the Norwegian forest;
  • Kuril and Japanese bobtails;
  • Persian, exotic cats;
  • Maine Coon.

Health and general state

Stress at a Cat

A stress — not the best moment for sterilization. Doctors recommend to wait some time after the endured nervousness : repair, moving, emergence in the house of the new pet. If something large-scale is planned in the nearest future, it is better to undergo an operation or grandiose plans that these events were not crossed.

The special attention is deserved by old cats. The best time for their sterilization definitely behind. Doctors tell about risks of late intervention in advance, but many owners are so frightened by operation that they pull and pull. And the cat grows old, getting chronic diseases. Subsequently she transfers an anesthesia heavier and is longer restored, the risk of complications is higher.

Before operation the elderly cat needs to be examined completely, including biochemistry of blood and the ECHO of heart. The anesthesia is better mask, intervention type — laparoscopic castration.

It is desirable that a cat was completely healthy . Therefore after recently postponed trauma or a disease postpone carrying out sterilization for later terms. Vaccination should not coincide with surgical intervention too.

Cat at the Veterinarian

If it is necessary to sterilize the giving birth cat, the best time — in few months after appearance of kittens. In a techka, it is undesirable to castrate the pregnant and just given rise cat. It is the period of the weakened immunity, saturation of a uterus blood (operation more bloody, literally) and the increased risks of complications.

It is difficult to choose ideal time, but by means of the good doctor everything will turn out. The main thing that the favourite was completely healthy, imparted and processed from parasites. Also it is very desirable to take at least three days off to provide the correct care during rehabilitation. And just to be near, even cats need support at such moments.

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