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Hot ears - whether is normal it? (Part 1) Temperature of ears of a cat is the significant indicator of health of a murlyka. Let's learn more about such interesting place as already the pet and that they can tell to the owner of a cat of his favourite.

For such interested the nature of beings what people are, normally constant observation of the environment and attempts to draw conclusions, on the basis of our knowledge, experience or ideas of what has to be normal. For example, we will submit the idealistic picture: you sit in a chair, on a lap you have a cat and you iron the favourite, playing occasionally it ears. Suddenly you realize that ears very hot. You did not notice it earlier and now this fact constantly occupies your consciousness, along with concern that the cat got sick.

Cats by the nature hot things. Literally. And any of kotofanat will not be able to disprove it. Normal body temperature of cats is slightly higher than the body temperature of the person and is 39.2 degrees Celsius or 102.5 Fahrenheit. Playing with a cat and touching his ears, you for certain notice contrast between what you considered normal and that is typical for the shaggy pet. So it will be very short-sighted to make the diagnosis, being based only that ears seem to you hot, it is very unreliable symptom.

Turns out, high temperature of ears it is normal?

Temperature of an auricle of cats can change depending on environmental conditions, and it is normal. In difference from other parts of a body of an animal, auricles are almost not protected at all: skin here thin, there is no wool. Similar things can be told also about cat's noses.

In warm season blood circulation to these places amplifies therefore the animal in principle becomes warmer, just because of a fur coat we not so feel it, during the cold period a reverse situation. Of course, you can object and as it influences domestic cats, they all the year round live in comfortable temperature, but any cat likes to sit at a window, automatically adopting trends of a temperature season.

Hot ears - whether is normal it? (Part 1) If we take such breed for a reference point as Siamese, capable to change color of a fur coat, then we will be able to see as far as environmental conditions influence the body temperature of our pets. Because some breeds especially are susceptible to it, it kind of directly is reflected at once in their bodies. You know that the uniqueness of similar breeds consists that representatives their it is partial albinos and they are born, as a rule, in a white fur coat. Over time on wool dark stains, as a rule on ears, a nose and a tail, that is in warm places are shown.


Mean hot ears what a cat is in a fever?

Whether sufficient it is a symptom to begin to worry about health of the pet? It is known that the normal body temperature of a cat is about 39.7 degrees Celsius or 103.5 Fahrenheit therefore warm ears of the pet should not give any reasons for concern.

Melvin Pena ( of Melvin Pena ) | April, 2018

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