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Hot ears - whether is normal it? (Part 2) Temperature increase in case of an infection too quite natural process, shows that the organism struggles with an infection, viruses or bacteria and that the immune system of the pet functions normally. The cat at whom now the "healthy" heat will look for the quiet reliable place, for example, on your knees and will prefer to stretch and purr, but not to escape.

If hot ears really disturb you, check a tummy and the pet's armpits. If there too hotly to the touch, the heat as at the increased temperature caused by a disease, the fever will extend everywhere can at a cat really. If the similar situation proceeds more than one day, it is worth addressing the veterinarian. More precisely to understand what happens to an animal, you should check existence of other signs or symptoms which will more unambiguously indicate existence of any problem.

Hot ears - whether is normal it? (Part 2) the Majority of kotovladelets spend a lot of time with the pet and know by heart its daily habits and what it in the normal state. The cat began to eat less or there is no offered delicacy with usual quickness? Maybe its heart knocks more often than usually? Animal not only hot, but also shivers? Any of these additional symptoms or their combination have to become a reason for concern because of health of a murlyka.

Fever of unknown origin

Fever is a result of a viral infection and the frequency of diseases directly depends on age of an animal, kittens are most subject to such influence. The heat caused by secondary bacterial infections usually is followed by wounds which you will be able easily to notice or the swelled-up areas of unnatural color if affected areas are located inside.

If at your cat in two weeks the heat four and more times was shown, then it can be regarded as fever of the unknown nature. In this case it is necessary to trace attentively accompanying symptoms: behavior, a physical state and other, note everything including when you for the first time paid attention to hot ears of the favourite, it can help the veterinarian to make the diagnosis quicker.


Can signal temperature about other problems with ears of a cat?

Hot ears - whether is normal it? (Part 2) Unfortunately, no. To conclude that the cat is hurt by ears, there are several more concrete signs, than just increased auricle temperature. The most often shown problem is otitis or an infection of an inner ear. Ear infections in a case with favourites having a tail most often result from two sources: ear pincers and fungi (barmy pincers), in any case statistics so speaks.

Yes, when ears of an animal are struck with an infection, they can be warmer, than usually, but also increased temperature of an ear can mean and only that the pet too diligently washed them. So if on ears a large number of scratches from claws or a cat intensively rubs ears about furniture or corners, then their temperature or reddening result of such behavior. That there was no fungus infection reason, or a tick, these microscopic organisms cause damage only under optimal conditions.

The strengthened production of ear sulfur worsens ventilation of the ear channel owing to what ear temperature increases. Of course, the external sink can become warmer for this reason too, but more indicative is nevertheless temperature in the channel indicating ticks or fungi. Change of color of ear pass (becomes more dark) and an unpleasant smell belong to other symptoms of an infection.

Conclusion: do not panic if ears of the pet seem to you hot.

It is unique and amazing body at our cats. Despite all seeming tenderness, ears have a set of muscles in a basis, each ear can move and turn is not dependent on another. And ear temperature directly depends on changes in the habitat and can change in quite wide range. In some time ears can be warm, and in an hour – cool.

If such change of a state (temperature) disturbs you, do not panic. Look at a murlyka in general before running to the veterinarian. Whether there are changes of color in the ear channel or about it whether there are changes in behavior or can for a cat some strange acts are noticed.

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