• Oct 23, 2018

of Malt paste for cats is a feed additive with medical effect which helps your pet to bring wool out of a stomach and intestines. Cats constantly lick the fur coat and swallow strands of wood – the person not in forces to stop this process. These strands of wood in an organism of an animal gather in hair lumps – bezoara.

Over time the stomach of a cat is clogged with these lumps of wool – at an animal the appetite falls, emetic desires appear. If lumps from a stomach got into intestines, the lock and even intestinal impassability can be formed. Constant comb-out of wool a furminator without application of special means is not capable to solve this problem completely.

the Best pastes for a wool conclusion

Malt-pastes of both domestic, and import producers are presented at the market of pet goods.

For our mini-rating we selected the following goods:

  1. Gimpet Malt-Soft Paste Extra (Germany);
  2. Beaphar "Duo Malt Pasta" (Netherlands);
  3. kitty malt hairball remedy paste in excel Beaphar "Malt Paste" (Netherlands);
  4. Cliny paste (Russia);
  5. Sanal Malt Paste (Netherlands);
  6. Ekoprom "Stop Problem" (Russia).

of Gimpet Malt-Soft Paste Extra

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Paste for a conclusion of hair lumps differs in high German quality. It is the best malt-paste according to owners of cats. The active operating component – malt extract, softens bezoara and facilitates their removal through intestines.

Paste is made on the basis of natural vegetable oils and fibers. Malt-Soft improves process of advance of food, promotes natural removal of hair lumps and the remains of undigested food.

  • Plus: does not contain some sugar.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: tube 200 гр. – from 680 to 750 rub

of Beaphar "Duo Malt Pasta"

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Two-layer Beaphar paste consists of malt-paste and paste conditioner. Possesses dual action – prevents formation of lumps of wool and normalizes work of intestines of a cat.

Structure: malt extract, milk and dairy products, yeast, oils and fats. BIO-MOS in a compounding of a layer conditioner has the absorbing effect – brings pathogenic bacteria out of the pet's organism. For improvement of taste of a product caramel is added. The Omega-3 and the Omega-6 contains.

  • Plus: improves quality of wool.
  • Minus: not all animals like taste.

Price: tuba 100 гр. – from 500 to 550 rub

of Kittymalt Hairball Remedy Paste, 8 in 1 Excel

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Effective malt-paste for the long-haired and short-haired animals living without walking on the street. It is intended for adult animals and kittens.

Ingredients: vegetable oil, malt, lecithin, oil of a salmon, mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, the Omega-3, the Omega-6, the Omega-9, glycerin, vitamin E. Has pronounced fish aroma and taste.

  • Plus: softly removes wool in the natural way.
  • Minus: not all animals like a smell.

Price: tube 120 гр. – from 210 to 240 rub

of Beaphar "Malt Paste"

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Medical paste brings the swallowed wool out of a stomach of an animal. Prevents vomiting, saves from loss of appetite, locks and intestinal impassability.

Application is especially effective during a seasonal molt. Has an oil and fat basis, the Omega-3 and the Omega-6, yeast contains. Active active ingredient – malt extract. It is recommended for improvement of appetite and normalization of work of a GIT.

  • Plus: is suitable for all age.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: tuba 100 гр. – from 510 to 540 rub

Cliny Paste

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Treatment-and-prophylactic paste for removal of wool of domestic production effectively prevents locks at animals. Active ingredients of paste envelop hair lumps in a stomach and intestines of a cat, facilitating their conclusion.

Components: malt concentrate, corn oil, wheat bran, powdered milk, lactose, soy protein, silver benzoate. Ions of silver possess the expressed disinfecting action. Prevents emetic desires, regulates appetite.

  • Plus: has taste, attractive to cats.
  • Minus: it is packed up in tubes of small volume.

Price: tube 45 гр. – from 260 to 280 rub

of Sanal Malt Paste

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Malt-pasta with meat taste with pleasure it is eaten by cats. Medicine greases the swallowed down, strands of wood and lumps of wool, does not allow them to gather in a big lump, facilitates defecation. Active ingredient – a malt concentrate.

Possesses the expressed preventive action. Normalizes intestinal microflora, improves appetite.

  • Plus: contains vitamin E.
  • Minus: in the cooled state hardly it is squeezed out from a tube.

Price: tuba 20 гр. – from 170 to 180 rub

Ekopry "Stop Problem"

How to Choose Sherstevyvodyashchy Paste for Cats

Domestic means brings wool lumps out of a GIT, prevents their education.

In a compounding: malt extract, wheat bran, corn oil, powdered milk, soy protein. As preservative sorbic acid is used.

It is recommended to use during a seasonal molt of cats and polecats.

  • Plus: cheap analog of Cliny paste.
  • Minus: packing of smaller volume.

Price: tuba of 60 ml. – from 173 to 199 rub

Structure and principle of effect of paste

The main components of modern means for a conclusion of wool are vegetable oils and fats, cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, dairy products, a concentrate of malt and ballast substances.

Are added to some formulas ТГОСы – transgalaktoolisokharida which stimulate digestive activity and normalize microflora of a large intestine. At recipes of the combined means there are vitamins absorbing and disinfecting substances, minerals and amino acids.

Principle of effect of malt-pastes

Means for a conclusion of wool do not dissolve hair lumps, and help to bring them out of an animal organism.

Their second function – preventive. Pastes do not allow the strands of wood which got into a stomach of a cat to gather in large bezoara, to grow into intestines walls.

How it occurs?

The malt and oils entering a formula of pastelike medicines envelop the hair lumps which got stuck in a GIT of an animal – it facilitates their conclusion outside.

Wool is removed from an organism of a cat with stool in the undigested and not split look. Besides, paste greases intestines walls, facilitating defecation.

Cellulose and vegetable fats stimulate a vermicular movement of an intestinal wall – it normalizes a chair and prevents locks. Activization of work of intestines well affects health of the pet, improves appetite, prevents vomiting.

The pastes enriched micro and macrocells, have the revitalizing effect on an organism of a cat:

  • increase immunity;
  • normalize work of a liver, kidneys;
  • improve quality of wool;
  • resupply micro and macrocells.

Pluses and minuses of malt-pastes


  1. Pleasant taste. Animals willingly eat medicine.
  2. Effectively eliminate locks.
  3. There are no contraindications on age and a condition of an animal.
  4. Are compatible to other drugs.
  5. Are easily dosed.
  6. Do not cause accustoming and an allergy.
  7. It is convenient to give together with a forage.
  8. The therapeutic effect is noticeable at once.

Users refer need of storage for the refrigerator and a long course of reception to means minuses.


The formula does not contain components causing accustoming, active ingredients do not collect in the pet's organism – medicine can be applied throughout the long period.

Dosage, application, storage

Before giving to the pet malt-paste, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian. He will pick up the most suitable means, will appoint a reception course, will advise a dosage.

When appoint

In the instruction for use of medicines for a conclusion of wool it is specified that paste is appointed at the following indications:

  1. Locks.
  2. Loss of interest in food.
  3. Intestinal impassability.
  4. Emetic desires.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Loss of weight.
  7. Changes in behavior: concern, anorexia, slackness.

All these signs indicate violations in work of a GIT of a cat. In the preventive purposes appoint course intake of medicine, since the first molt. Especially relevant it for long-haired pets.

How to give malt-paste

Two main schemes of purpose of the medicines removing wool practice in veterinary science:

  • Daily. A daily dose – 3 cm
  • Monthly, week course. A daily dose – 5-6 cm

In the period of a seasonal molt of paste appoint 5 cm once a day. It is necessary to give medicine before the full end of process. For acceleration of change of wool and simplification of a condition of the pet it is regularly necessary to use during this period a slicker brush.

At a lock and vomiting perhaps single use of medicine in number of 15 cm

The necessary volume of means is squeezed out and given to cats from a hand, applied on a pad and a muzzle of an animal or mixed with food.

When to give?

It is the best of all to give medicine before meal or in 1.5 hours after a meal. It is recommended to comb out an animal previously.


Do not wait for lightning effect – paste works after a while. But the effect can occur after the first application.

How to store medicine

Not opened packing of medicine is stored in an original packing at the room temperature (15-25 °C) indoors with normal humidity. The begun tuba is densely closed a cap and placed in the refrigerator (2-8 °C). The medicine expiration date at the correct storage makes 2 years.


malt-pastes Have side effects

According to producers of malt-pastes medicine completely has no contraindications. The substances making a basis of means have no accumulative action, do not cause effect of accustoming. Allergic reactions and individual intolerance arise in isolated cases.


Medicine cannot be applied during exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

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