• Jan 11, 2020

If needs to give to a cat of medicine, it is important to do it quietly and surely. The less you will be nervous, the more quietly will belong to to the procedure cat. How to give to a cat liquid drugs?

The Red Cat Sleeps on an Orange Blanket of a Photo
of the Photo: catster.com
  1. Before everything, stock up with the plastic pipette. Do not take glass at all the pipette – it is dangerous!
  2. Record cat (it is possible to use a towel for this purpose).
  3. Holding cat in natural situation (paws down) slightly reject her head back.
  4. Place in a corner of a mouth of a cat (near "a zashchechny pocket") a pipette tip.
  5. Tiny in the portions pour in solution. It is important to allow a cat to swallow every time.

It is very important to pour for once only small portion of liquid medicine for a cat, differently liquid can to follow from a mouth or, what is even worse, to get into airways.

If the cat panics, do not risk and postpone drug intake. Sooner or later you will be able to give to a cat of medicine with the minimum stress both for a murlyka, and for you.

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