• Dec 8, 2018

it is impossible to Ignore the problem connected with a lock at a pet in any way, the animal suffers that several days cannot descend in a toilet. To help the favourite, it is necessary to make to a cat an enema in house conditions. For holding this procedure it is desirable to have the assistant who will help to cope with fixation of an animal and with the manipulation.

How to Make to a Cat an Enema

of the Cause of problems

At emergence of a lock at a cat natural depletion of intestines is at a loss. Such state not only causes a condition of concern in an animal, but also leads to the general intoxication of an organism.

Causes of Problems

Various diseases of an animal are the main reason for a lock. Diseases of intestines, kidneys, a stomach, a liver belong to their number. Problems of neurologic character can also cause emergence of difficulties with defecation.

Cats have problems with a chair more often, than cats. If the animal is not ill, then low-quality food, a foreign matter in digestive tract or a wool congestion can be the cause of a lock.

Cats can go to a toilet twice a day. If the pet does it more rare, then it is already an occasion to think of his health.

Main symptoms

The enema is shown to an animal if it had two days no chair. Its purpose to eliminate stool from a rectum. Sometimes this procedure is performed if the pet got poisoned or the foreign subject got into intestines. the Following signs are an indicator that the cat needs to make an enema:

  • total absence of appetite;
  • low physical activity;
  • abdominal distension;
  • availability of blood and slime in Calais;
  • emergence of problems with wool and integuments;
  • plaintive miaow of an animal during defecation;
  • long sitting on a tray;
  • desire is constant to be on the owner's hands.

Total Absence of Appetite;

the Lock promotes consolidation of stool in a large intestine that causes painful feelings at depletion. In itself it is not considered a disease, but it actually is its manifestation. Not to carry out the procedure constantly, it is necessary to find out the reasons of this problem.

Necessary accessories and materials

Before making to a cat an enema, it is necessary to learn what materials are required for this procedure. It is recommended to carry out it with the assistant as the animal will resist. Will be necessary the following accessories:

Rubber Pear for Syringing.

  1. Rubber pear for syringing. Its volume is selected depending on the size of a cat. The kitten will require the syringe on 150 ml, and the adult pet should buy twice more.
  2. Capacity for solution. Usually for these purposes use water to which add a little vaseline oil or several drops of glycerin. If in the house there are no such means, then it is possible to add lemon juice.
  3. Gloves. It is necessary to follow rules of hygiene.
  4. Vaseline. The tip of rubber pear should be greased with it. For these purposes it is possible to use children's cream.
  5. The thermometer for water. The entered liquid has to be within 25−30 degrees.
  6. Big basin.

All procedure should be performed quietly and accurately.

manipulation Performance

the Pet should be recorded reliably as usually the animal becomes uneasy during an enema. Here the assistant is useful. If he is absent, then the cat is stacked on the left hand, and right carry out manipulation. The animal cannot be fed before the procedure.

Manipulation Performance

In the syringe it is necessary to gain the necessary amount of liquid, to press slightly to lower air. To smear a rubber tip of pear with vaseline and to enter carefully into an anus of a cat. Movements have to be spiral, but not sharp, and are directed parallel to the ridge.

To an adult animal the tip is entered as much as possible on 2 cm, to a kitten no more than on 1 cm. After input accurately to squeeze the syringe and to enter liquid. Some time of the pet should be taken on hands not to allow to pour out to water at once after manipulation. It is necessary to cover with a tail an anus of a cat and to hold her in such situation a quarter of hour. After that to put an animal in a basin.

If during the procedure arose difficulties with liquid input, then an enema it is necessary to postpone and consult with the veterinarian.

Prevention of locks

To make to a cat an enema in house conditions it is difficult therefore not to subject the pet to tortures, it is recommended to carry out preventive measures for prevention of chronic locks. for this purpose it is necessary to follow the recommendations of veterinarians:

Food Allowance of an Animal

  1. The food allowance of an animal has to be various and rich in vitamins and nutrients. It is necessary to include a large amount of cellulose in it. At natural food it is necessary to enter vegetables, fermented milk products and oat bran into the menu of an animal.
  2. The pet has to have enough water.
  3. The cat in order that it did not get it into a stomach needs to comb out regularly wool and there hair lumps which often lead to locks were not formed. In such cases are recommended to give to an animal special pastes.
  4. The pet has to move. If the cat is not let out on the street, he is recommended to buy the special toys or entertainment centers helping to keep physical shape.

It is regularly in addition necessary to visit the veterinarian to prevent development of chronic diseases.

of the Contraindication for the procedure

Before giving an enema to a cat in house conditions, it is desirable to consult with the expert. It will help to define expediency of manipulation. Exists a number of factors at which the cleaning enema can only do much harm to an animal:

Contraindications for the Procedure

  • заворот or impassability of intestines;
  • tumors;
  • pregnancy;
  • trauma of back pass;
  • sharp inflammatory processes in a large intestine;
  • existence of parasites;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • bleeding;
  • cardiovascular pathology.

Even if the pet is healthy, then you should not resort to cleaning enemas often. Such way of fight against locks can lead to development of dystrophy of walls of intestines. Continuous dependent depletion becomes the reason of decrease in a tone of muscles and violation of intestinal flora.

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