• Nov 14, 2018

From a sting of an animal or scratches put to them insured nobody. Animals can bite or scratch and is accidental.

If was bitten by the pet: sequence of actions

Ideally, cats and dogs it is necessary once a year. But even if the sting is put to the domestic, imparted and well-groomed animals, it is not necessary to let matters drift. If the wound is in due time not processed, at "victim" can develop фелиноз or tetanus. If bit the person or deeply the cat scratched, streptococci, staphylococcus and other microorganisms will inevitably get to a wound.

At a sting of a dog the probability of hit of bacteria is less since dog saliva is antiseptic, nevertheless, it is not excluded.

If was bitten by the pet: sequence of actions

Stings of domestic rodents are not so dangerous. They eat generally vegetables and grains, and bacteria in their mouth at least. And rabbits impart from rage at all. If the rodent contacted to a wild animal less than 3 months ago, his sting can be dangerous. However it is shown in the form of aggression of the pet, vomiting, paralysis, the increased salivation. It that other as rage symptoms.

But if nothing similar occurred, then the animal sting dangerous is not.

If was bitten by the pet: sequence of actions

Treatment of a wound

  • The animal sting thoroughly, within 10-15 minutes is washed with water and antibacterial soap then the wound needs to be processed a wadded tampon. For wetting of a tampon iodine, brilliant green or medical alcohol is recommended. It is useful to process previously a wound peroxide or hlorgeksidiny. Processing of a sting has to last not less than 5 minutes.
  • Before full healing of a wound it is necessary to control daily a condition of a wound – whether the infection and also regarding accidental mechanical damage and unforeseen emergence of a swelling, roughness, decolouration or reddening of the site around the place of defeat and also wound suppuration got. In case of emergence at least of one of the listed complications, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.
  • You should not tighten on a visit to the doctor and in case of a fever. If temperature at least by degree higher than 36.6 is a sign of inflammation of a wound and it needs serious treatment. In such cases antibiotics – intramuscularly and/or for intake are, as a rule, appointed. But even if the fever is not observed, for prevention it is desirable to take temperature daily.

Treatment of a wound, as a rule, lasts not less than 2 weeks.

If was bitten by the pet: sequence of actions

During this period the hygiene has to be on the ball.

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