• Aug 27, 2019
Many ask
a question: whether vaccination for a dog is necessary? On this question definite answer — "yes". Inoculations will allow to protect the pet from viral infections which in the modern world extend very quickly.
Even if a dog does not leave the house, you can become the carrier of an infection. The most widespread infectious diseases it is possible to call rage, parvoviral and koronavirusny enteritis, plague, paraflu, viral hepatitis, leptospirosis and others.

Three arguments in favor of vaccination of a dog

  1. Thanks to vaccination and you, and your pet do not risk to get sick with deadly illnesses, for example, rage.
  2. Vaccination, protecting a dog from viruses, prolongs it life and keeps health.
  3. Vaccination is especially necessary if you have children or if you plan to be engaged in cultivation of dogs.

Rules of vaccination of dogs

  • the Pet has to be absolutely healthy — in this case the risk of complications is minimum.
  • In 10 days prior to vaccination carry out expulsion of helminths as helminths emit toxins which weaken immunity and do an inoculation inefficient.
  • If helminths are found in Calais, medicine is given repeatedly in 10 days, and in 7 — 10 days the inoculation becomes.
  • Before vaccination it is necessary to get rid of external parasites (ticks, fleas).
  • Before an inoculation the dog is not bathed, not subjected to physical activities and stresses.

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