• May 5, 2018

What Leaving Is Required to a Pregnant Cat (Part 3) As last long childbirth?

Childbirth at cats can last both 24, and 48 hours. Your favourite has the greatest stress now, besides there can be "the interrupted childbirth" when patrimonial activity stops for a while, and then proceeds again. But generally, childbirth at cats takes place in 4-8 hours, according to doctor Hess.

You can be never sure how many kittens are expected by your alumna. "Though if the cat begins to eat and drink, it usually to mean that it's done", – doctor Foote adds.

What Leaving Is Required to a Pregnant Cat (Part 3) "For the period of childbirth digestive tract is kind of disconnected. Everything in a body of the giving birth cat is directed to allowing posterity to be born", – the expert explains. The cat will not want to eat, will not want to drink.

What to do after kittens were born?

As well as at childbirth, our newly appeared mother cat needs some entrusted personal space around. Nevertheless, our expert continues, some alumnae at this moment would already like to receive some attention from owners. But, first of all, do not touch newborns. Wait, at least, until as they will open eyes, that is about 10 days. It is better for cat mother to give kitten food all the time while she brings up posterity, and also to feed with the fact that she wants. During this period your favourite needs more calories and nutrients both for herself, and for kids!

The patrimonial box needs to be kept clean, at try not to disturb kittens. The laying needs to be changed regularly. To watch mummy and cubs whether they need medical care. If the cat mother does not go to a tray in the usual mode if she has no appetite or she drinks not enough water or does not milk enough for posterity, and it is visible how kittens grow and gain weight, then urgently carry both a cat and a dung to the veterinarian.

It is not less important to carry out sterilization of the giving birth cat while the doctor resolves the procedure.

Immediately address in a vetklinik if any of the listed below signs is shown (to or at the time of delivery)

What Leaving Is Required to a Pregnant Cat (Part 3) So, doctor Hess recommends to address the veterinarian if:

  1. Childbirth did not begin in the expected date
  2. Prenatal activity does not progress though lasts long enough
  3. Strong contractions go 20-30 minutes, but the cub does not appear
  4. Sluggish fights hour or two, at the same time patrimonial activity is not observed
  5. More than two hours between appearance of cubs
  6. The kitten got stuck in the patrimonial channel at the same time is partially visible
  7. Red-brown allocations, but the cub does not appear
  8. Kittens were born the dead
  9. Childbirth came to the end, but you think that else there were kittens inside
  10. There are external signs of an illness of mother cat, some frustration or loss of blood

Kelly B. Gormley (Kellie B. Gormly) | April, 2018

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