• Sep 17, 2019
the Cat passes several periods in the development: infancy, childhood, podrostkovost, maturity, old age. It is necessary to know about it better to understand the favourite and it is correct to look after him at each vital stage.

the Infancy of a cat (up to 4 weeks)

When a kitten is born, it weighs about 100 гр. The kid is born the deaf and the blind person, however feels maternal heat and tries to creep up closer.

In the first two days to a kitten is important to get drunk "the first milk" (kolostrum) as it contains necessary protective antibodies.

Even kittens at the age of 1 day can purr

All 1st week of life kids either sleep, or suck milk. And in 7 days almost double the weight.

In 2 weeks at kittens begin to open eyes and ears finish. But they still absolutely badly see. Blue also change eyes at kids the color after.

Already at two-week age is useful to begin to socialize a kitten: to take carefully on hands and to talk a tender voice.
In 3 weeks kittens learn to become as pads and to creep. The early independent studies of the environment begin.
In 4 weeks eyes completely open and appear dairy teeth. The sense of equilibrium develops, kittens play with each other, put up comic fights.
Kids to this age learn to be licked independently.

Early childhood of a cat (5 — 10 weeks)

In 5 weeks at kittens is improved sense of equilibrium, and all sense organs already work at full capacity.

Kittens begin to taste firm food, dairy teeth continue to grow.

Kids experiment, digging in results of the activity in a tray, and scrape its walls and a bottom.

In 6 weeks mother begins "to separate from a breast" posterity, and by 9 weeks kittens pass completely to independent food.

the Weight of a kitten of 7 weeks from a sort almost by 7 times exceeds its weight at the birth.

In 7 weeks the kid gets a complete set of milk teeth.

Kittens put up hunting games, comic fights and begin to establish hierarchy.

In 10 weeks the kitten already gains dexterity and grace of an adult cat, surely runs, jumps and climbs.

Childhood of a cat (3 — 6 months)

of an Eye of a kitten change color for "adult", and it is already possible to define a wool color accurately.

Milk teeth are replaced with constants.

In 4 months (according to some experts, even earlier) is closed "a socialization window", and are established character and the identity of a kitten.

In 5 months kittens begin to mark the territory, leaving odorous "signs".

In 6 months appear signs of a sexual maturity. Some prefer to sterilize the pet at this age not to allow undesirable reproduction.

Youth of a cat (7 — 12 months)

Kittens still grow, however subjects of growth slow down.

Cats reach a sexual maturity.

Long-haired cats get the full, constant length of a wool cover.

the Cat establishes to
for herself the accurate schedule of life, gets used to an environment and other pets.

the Adult cat (1 years are more senior)

As a rule, the cat endures blossoming of life from 1 to 9 years. However this scheme only approximate, and each pet deserves individual "measure". If you correctly look after a cat and she is healthy, then will please you with cheerfulness and activity for many years.

Signs of health of a cat: clean clear eyes, brilliant wool, activity, dexterity, complaisance. Body temperature of a cat normal fluctuates within 38.6 — 39.2 degrees.

do not forget
that the psychological wellbeing of a cat is not less important, than physical. In the conditions of love and in the absence of stresses the cat has every chance to remain healthy and vigorous much longer.

better to understand a condition of a cat, it is possible to correlate age of the pet to human. One of calculation options:

Age кошки

Corresponding age of the person

Age of a cat Corresponding age of the person
1 year 15 years 12 years 64 years
2 years 24 years 14 years 72 years
4 years 32 years 16 years 80 years
6 years 40 years 18 years 88 years
8 years 48 years 20 years 96 years
10 years 56 years 21 years 100 years

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