• Nov 3, 2018

Fleas at Cats Such insects are very big danger to health of an animal. They pose the biggest threat for kittens or already elderly animal. But what they can make? They besides that just prevent to live to the pet, can have still various diseases which respectively will negatively affect activity of an animal. If you noticed that at the pet fleas were got, it is necessary to start immediately their elimination, if the cat eats a flea, to it larvae which will grow subsequently will get into a stomach.

Fleas at Cats leather and the pet's wool Suffers from stings of these insects. Skin can become untidy and ugly, and six just will begin to drop out even stronger, than at a molt.

Why it is necessary to liquidate fleas immediately? They very quickly breed and if on their pet is much, then to him it will be very uncomfortable, fleas will get him to stings which can entail more serious consequences.

Development of a flea

Fleas at Cats In 24 hours one flea is capable to postpone until 500 eggs which for few weeks if not to exterminate them, are capable to develop to the maximum. If not to wash your favourite, then fleas develop even quicker, also excellent conditions for the fastest development of a flea is the increased humidity of a body of the pet.

As fleas can get on a cat

The easiest way – walks. If your pet often walks, then he easily can pick up this bad insect. But if the cat house also sees the street only from a window? Domestic cats can be subject to infection too. Having stroked a cat on the street, and then having come home, you can "present" to the cat this infection. It is also possible to bring accidentally fleas to the house, they can just cling to footwear or trousers, and further to find "house" on the pet.

Signs of appearance of parasites

It is not difficult to notice fleas on a cat. If the parasite lodged in animal hair, then the cat will have a severe itch which he will try to remove by means of the teeth. At a cat, at the settlement of an insect, will worsen six, will begin to drop out stronger. If when combing to put a cat on white paper or a sheet, then on her there will be black points - it is deposits of fleas.

Destruction of fleas

Fleas at Cats Disposal of annoying insects, of course, one of the main issues which face owners of cats. On the Internet it is possible to read many various ways. The simplest is the appeal to veterinary clinic, but to try most to remove them more simply and the cheapest way. In shops it is possible to buy collars which help to kill these wreckers, but some collars are low-quality, and on such fleas will not react in any way. It is also important to buy anti-flea means with which it is necessary to wash the pet to help it to get rid of these parasites. When choosing means it is necessary to consider age of an animal, breed, all this can be read on packing.

If to follow instructions, then your pet will not suffer from this illness.

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